Good news when you want to organize your freezer.  You have to finish this project, and finish fast.  When I started menu planning last week I realized my freezer had gotten a little out of control.  Usually I keep a running of list of what’s inside clipped to the side of the fridge.  I realized that the freezer was full, but not with anything useful to make dinner.  Time to clear it all out and start over. (And why exactly do I have THREE ice creams in there??)

I choose clear Fridge Binz from Bed Bath and Beyond for this project.  You can get them on Amazon for a lot less than I paid…lesson learned. Check online first! I liked the clear option and the durability of the material.  I don’t mind spending a little more money on an organization system if I think I can use it for the next 10 years.

The door now has some workable space.  So excited for the warm weather to break out our Zoku Popsicle maker and use up some of the frozen fruit I found.

The labels were made by the Chalkboard Contact PaperI have used in my other organizing projects last month.  I like the simplicity of the black and white labels so I just keep going with it for now.  I even like how the scallop punch label for the apple sauce came out.  I can reuse the jar, wipe off the label and then fill it with something else.

Anyone else have an organizing project ahead for the weekend? I love to hear what everyone else is working on and get inspired to tackle something else!

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  1. Nelly@DGInnovations says:

    Wow that looks awesome! My freezer is soooo unorganized! I am working on it!! Starting a new organization series on the journey! Its gonna be an interesting ride! haha!
    Hopping over from Blue Cricket Design Linky Party:)

  2. Jen Bett says:

    I use contact paper for a number of things. My favorite use for contact paper is to use clear paper as a way to “laminate” things.But, I never thought to us it to make your own labels. Ingenious!

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