Scout and Cellar Wine

Do you know what’s in your wine? If you are trying to eat healthy, then you deserve to choose a wine without added sugar and chemicals. Learn more about the difference with clean crafted wine.

I spend a lot of time trying to eat healthy and I don’t want to throw it all away with wine that doesn’t line up with my values. As a certified culinary nutrition expert, I work with women all day teaching them how to make healthy swaps so they feel their best. The #1 question I hear from them is, “Do I have to give up my wine to be healthy?” My answer is no, but you need to be educated about what you are drinking.

I choose Scout and Cellar wines because I know they have no added sugar, synthetic pesticides, and excessive sulfites. Here’s a full line-up of how we choose which wines are available to purchase via Scout and Cellar:

  • wine grapes grown with no synthetic pesticides
  • wineries follow sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic farming methods
  • hand harvested grapes, avoiding sour grapes
  • no added sugar to wines (many other bottles can have up to 16 grams of added sugar!)
  • low sulfites, 50 bpm and always under 100 bpm
  • no added chemicals (like Mega Purple)

Wine as Nature Intended

Learn more about these organic, and biodynamic wines available for doorstep delivery. This is what I choose for a glass to enjoy with friends on a Friday or Saturday. I want to know what’s in the bottle of wine I’m drinking, and there are no label requirements for added sugar. Check your bottle…no nutrition label, right? Even on some wine blends you don’t know what grapes are being used. On all Scout and Cellar wines, the blends are fully disclosed. I like the transparency so I know what I’m getting.

The inventory of Scout and Cellar wine changes on a monthly basis. Many small, family owned vineyards are sharing their wine with Scout and Cellar. I’m always excited for Wine Wednesday, when we release our newest wines available to order online or a Scout and Cellar consultant like me. 

If you are looking for a new wine to complement your healthy lifestyle, please check out Scout and Cellar wine.This is a great way to find a weekend beverage that fits into your paleo or keto lifestyle. Yes, we can call these paleo wines as they are no added sugar. Isn’t it crazy that there is so much added sugar in wine in the first place?! I learned that even $150 bottles of wine can have added sugar, so it’s not just the cheap stuff. (you know which ones I’m talking about)

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