It’s already week 3 of Project Simplify and it’s time to tackle Closets, Drawers and Countertops.  Free time is tight this week so I’m targeting a couple of hot spots, along with my helpers…

The “emptier”
The “distractor”

Our board game collection has taken over our coat closet.  While we are huge fans of strategy games, there are a few too many in here that we rarely play.  This is hot spot #1 for the week.  I discovered we have not one, not two, but three versions of Scrabble in our closet.  Plus Bananagrams.  Time to donate a few versions and move on.  I think I’ll use the letters from Bananagrams to help Madison with learning her letters.

Hot spot #2 is our laundry closet.  It’s right next to the back door and it ends up being a “catch-all” for things besides the laundry.  Again we have a closet with some dead space…time to fix that.  After six years of living here, adding two children to the family, we realize that we need to maximize all the space we have.

There are a couple of random spots in the kitchen on my hit list too…kids’ dishes, the “junk” drawers and the plastic storage stuff that we rarely use now.  Thanks goodness for Pinterest to find some inspiration to organize these areas too!

Kids’ stuff with grown-up stuff, yes or no?

Which is your hot spot? Closets or drawers or countertops?

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