Beauty Counter Favorites

It was nearly two years ago I finally made the switch to Beautycounter. I was tired of shopping for beauty products that just didn’t work, or caused irritation on my sensitive skin. I’m excited to share my favorite products with you. I’ll highlight the ones I use most often, as I could go on and on!

Nourishing Cream Cleanser: this is from the sensitive skin line, and is a great cleanser for all skin types. It’s gentle and doesn’t strip the natural oils from your skin.

Lip Gloss in Fig: just enough color, similar to my very first gloss, Clinique’s Black Honey.

Face Oils. I used the #2 Balancing oil for a year, then recently I switched to the #1 Brightening oil as it contains a daily dose of Vitamin C for your skin. Did you know you need vitamin C for your skin to produce collagen? The #1 Brightening Oil just won the Best of Beauty Allure in 2017!

Rejuvenating Radiance Serum: this is part of my nighttime routine. It’s from our anti-aging skin product line, Rejuvenating. You don’t need harmful chemicals to help ease fine lines and wrinkles. This serum has had a great effect on evening out my skin tone. I always include this item when I give new clients products to test out. The eye cream is another indulgence I love, I just don’t always remember to use it!

The new Lengthening Mascara: the formula changed and it’s so much better! I honestly didn’t love Beautycounter’s first mascara (I’ll be totally honest with you if something isn’t up to my standards.) The lengthening mascara does a great job staying on…no more under eye smudges! You can add layers of the product to achieve the desired result. I often just use one coat for day, and two for night.

Tell me, are you ready to try some products for yourself? Send me an email at, or order direct via the links above. You can also search for Emily Roach in the consultant field. I’m happy to chat with you to figure out which items are best to start with as everyone has different needs. You may have been told once you have “oily skin” or “dry skin,” and these are not types, they are symptoms. Together I work with my clients to address food related skin issues, and help determine which products work best for your current health needs.