Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli

Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli

Who likes the simplicity of a one-pan meal? I certainly do on a busy weeknight. Fewer dishes and more time to relax before gathering around the table. This new recipe for our Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli could not be easier, or delicious.
Bonne Maman apricot jam pork chop recipe

Our Favorite Apricot Pork Chops Recipe

This Apricot Pork Chops recipe has been in our family rotation of meals for nearly 15 years. It's so easy, and I can't believe I've forgotten to share it here. It's so simple! It's time you add it to your next meal plan. This recipe is…
Slow Cooker Turkey Breast recipe

Simple Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Recipe

Planning a small Thanksgiving this year? Try a slow cooker turkey breast and enjoy an easy, fuss free Thanksgiving dinner. Simple, flavorful, easy.
Halloween Snack Board

Halloween Snack Board

Create a Halloween Snack Board to make dinner easier before trick-or-treating. Healthy ideas for your Halloween charcuterie board for parties.
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4th of July Meal Plan

Simple 4th of July meal plan to help make entertaining fun for the holiday weekend. Enjoy healthy, seasonal favorites for your Fourth of July party.
cook pancake on sheet pan

How to make sheet pan pancakes

Do you know how to make sheet pan pancakes in the oven? This simple cooking method with no flipping involved is the perfect way to make pancakes for a crowd
sweet potato brownie recipe

Sweet Potato Brownies

Sweet potato brownies were not something I expected my kids to love. But they surprised me! Or maybe, the recipe surprised us all. This simple, healthy brownie recipe was easy to make, and a fun way to enjoy a chocolate treat.
7 Natural Cold and Flu Fighting Foods Emily Roach
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7 Natural Cold and Flu Fighting Foods

Now more than ever, it's important to learn these natural cold and flu-fighting foods to help support your health. While I take care of my immune system year-round through diet and lifestyle, when my kids get sick or I feel a tickle in my…
Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

Healthy and delicious pumpkin pie baked oatmeal is my favorite breakfast recipes. Full of Vitamin A to boost your immune system, your family will love it.
hearty turkey minestrone soup
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Hearty Turkey Minestrone Soup

I love eating soup all winter long and this turkey minestrone soup is one of my favorites. It's simple to make, and very forgiving. If you miss an ingredient here or there, it's still going to taste delicious. Soup is so healing for a couple…
Thanksgiving Meal Plan Ideas
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Our Thanksgiving Meal Plan

As I write out our Thanksgiving Meal Plan, I thought I would share it here too, along with some recipe links.  We tend to host a larger gathering, this year will be have 20 guests for dinner, and 26 for dessert. We always try to incorporate lots of local produce, farm fresh turkeys, and delicious flavors. 
Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Recipe
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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili Recipe

Simple slow cooker turkey chili is a healthy dinner for the whole family. Dairy free, gluten free and full of vegetables, plus a secret ingredient.
Red Velvet Smoothie Recipe

Hormone Balancing Red Velvet Smoothie Recipe

Ready for a Red Velvet Smoothie with a lot of surprising ingredients?! Did you know your hormone balance is improved by adding beets to your diet?
Gluten Free Pancake Recipe
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Delicious gluten free pancake recipe

Who loves pancakes?!! If you've been looking for a delicious gluten free pancake recipe for your family, you're in the right place!
Tie Dye Tropical Turmeric Chia Parfait

Tie-Dye Tropical Turmeric Chia Parfait

This week's new recipe is part of the From Scratch cookbook developed by my fellow CNE alums, and this Tie-Dye Tropical Turmeric Chia Parfait will knock your socks off!
Fall Recipe bundle meal planning help
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Who is excited for the new Fall Recipe Bundle?! Enjoy the flavors of fall with all things pumpkin, maple, and locally grown produce. All recipes are both gluten and dairy free, and developed with nutritious, wholesome ingredients.


I received an advanced copy of the new 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget cookbook and I think you are going to love the easy Oatmeal Energy Bites recipe I’m sharing from the new book! Energy bites are clearly the new snack darling in the…


Zucchini hummus may be one of the best ways to use up that vegetable that just keeps on giving in the garden. What’s even cooler about this recipe is that it’s a bean-free hummus! We still call it hummus as it has tahini, which is full…


DON’T BE SURPRISED WHEN YOUR KIDS ASK FOR SECONDS OF THIS DELICIOUS BROCCOLI PESTO RECIPE! Pesto is one of my favorite condiments, especially in the spring in summer when fresh basil is available. We just started our basil in the garden and…


INSTEAD OF MAKING MY KIDS A SMOOTHIE AFTER SCHOOL, I SURPRISED THEM WITH THIS EASY GREEN SMOOTHIE MUFFIN RECIPE! Muffins are one of those snacks I try to prep at least once a week. I’ve been challenged to make them “school-friendly” which…


Healthy Instant Pot Recipes- There’s no denying it, the Instant Pot pressure cooker trend is here to stay. I’ve pulled together my favorite healthy Instant Pot recipes for you to bookmark and make at home. Here’s a funny secret, I’ve…