Some women get excited about new shoes. I get excited about new kitchen gadgets. The WonderBag is new to the U.S. and I was curious when asked to test it out. Our favorite pumpkin carving party was coming up and it gave me an opportunity…


It’s pumpkin season! Did you know it’s really easy to make your own pumpkin puree? No worrying about BPA in cans, it’s super fresh and maybe even local. All you need is some sugar pumpkins, an oven and a blender. 1. Wash your pumpkins…


Based on how many people quickly liked my popover Instagram shot this week, I thought I would share the recipe I have used for years. I remember making these with my Mom when I was little. First with the hand powered beater (remember those!)…


If you have lots of plum tomatoes in your garden, or can find some well priced ones at your market, here’s an easy sauce recipe with tons of flavor. We have made it three times as our plum tomatoes ripened and it’s fairly quick. It tasted…


As the summer nears its end, the gorgeous tomatoes of the season are ready for your table. We have in our garden San Marzano plums, Brandywines and striped romas, just to name a few. There is no better flavored tomato than one just picked from…


Some of you know we are trying to incorporate more meatless meals into our weekly meal plan. Meatless Monday (or really any day) appeals to me for three big reasons: It’s eco-friendly to eat less meat It makes me use up some of our…


Here is a little sneak peek into our vacation at the beach this year. Summer entertaining with good friends and neighbors is what it’s all about. The beach bash menu is easy after a day of swimming and can be served at home or at the beach. Get…


When I think of summer I think of watermelon. Eating it as a child and spitting out the black seeds with the juice dripping down my arms. Now I enjoy it with my family, just without the seeds. In an effort to increase my fluids while nursing,…


As we get closer to outdoor farmers market season, I’m excited to enjoy some fresh, local ingredients again. Two of my favorites are strawberry and rhubarb. We had a large rhubarb patch in our yard growing up and I have fond memories of my…
Pizza Dough Bread Machine Recipe
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Homemade Pizza Dough With A Bread Machine

How many of you eat pizza at home at least once a week? Do you tend to make it yourself or buy it? If you are a regular reader here, you know we have pizza every Friday night on our weekly meal plan. For a long time, we made our pizzas at home…
Green Smoothie Recipes Your Kids will Love
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Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Love to Drink

I pulled together our list of green smoothies your kids will love. My kid's favorite snack lately is a smoothie, always with a dose of greens. My two year old runs into the kitchen saying "moothie" until I make him one. Smoothies are a great…
Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt
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Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

We are big peanut butter fans in our house. We go through tons of it on sandwiches, on bananas, in smoothies or on apples. I'm also a big fan of chocolate so I decided to combine the two and create a Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt recipe.…
Green Machine Smoothie
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A Smoothie Throw-down at Whole Foods

Ever since we received a Blendtec blender, smoothies have become a regular part of our day. Sometimes it becomes a meal replacement on busy days, other times it's the perfect snack in the afternoon to hold us over till dinner. The kids get…
Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
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Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies

If you are stuck inside during a blizzard, you must make cookies. Not only is it a fun activity to keep the kids busy, but it makes the whole house smell delicious. In honor of Valentine's Day, I made these red and white Cranberry White Chocolate…
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Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe

It may be winter, but a delicious smoothie still is a perfect snack. My kids are loving them and I am happy to use up some leftovers produce from the refrigerator. Our new favorite recipe is the spiced pumpkin smoothie recipe. It offers a healthy…

Why do kids love food served on skewers?

We recently found ourselves in a little eating rut. The kids were being picky, which is a bit unlike them. Time for a secret tool~ the skewer. Both kids are old enough to manage them with some adult supervision. At lunch, we included small…
DIY Vanilla Extract
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Make Your Own Homemade Vanilla Extract

You are going to learn how to make your own homemade vanilla extract in the steps ahead. I'm going to guess a few of you do a fair amount of baking. Did you have to buy vanilla extract at the store? It's expensive and it's not always that healthy…
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Kid Approved Granola Bars

I started making homemade granola bars about a year ago and have been tweaking the original recipe ever since.  It's finally ready to share with all of you.  Our whole family enjoys them and it's a healthy, hearty snack for mid-afternoon to…
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
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Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I just can't get enough pumpkin these days. Muffins, breads, lattes and finally, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I created this recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies using Stonyfield yogurt to replace the butter and fats called for…
Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies

Soup Recipe Roundup

It's finally soup season around here.  The air is chilly and it's (sadly) getting dark early in the evening. Now is the time for warm and hearty soup.Here are my favorite recipes I've posted here...Slow Cooker Tomato SoupSausage, Bean and…
Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies

Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies

Next to apples, pumpkins are my second favorite fall flavor.  Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and pumpkin candy corn are some of my seasonal must-haves. This year I loved seeing all the many pumpkin spiced desserts around…

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