It’s easy to make the same smoothie once you find a favorite recipe. I have a go-to green smoothie that the whole family loves, but we are ready to get creative again. So many magazines this month are talking about the health benefits of smoothies I thought it would be fun to highlight a couple of ingredients you may want to add to your smoothies.

We have been using one of the high speed blenders for two years now. It makes a HUGE difference in the quality of your smoothie. On my wish list is the new Vitamix 750 series (sounds like a car doesn’t it?)

Williams-Sonoma carries this blender and seeing that it’s 40% quieter draws me in. I always want a smoothie mid-afternoon…during the kid’s quiet time. Nothing ruins the quiet like a super loud blender. A girl can dream right?

Here are 5 ingredients to try in your next smoothie! Happy blending.


If you lean towards mostly fruit smoothies, try to add beets next time around. You can buy them canned (easiest) or you can roast them in the oven in tinfoil to soften them up (not as easy.) Beets are high in vitamins A, B and C; iron, beta-carotene and more. You can even wash up those beet greens and toss them into your smoothie for even more health benefits. Beets can also help reduce inflammation so it’s a great choice post workouts. Add them to a berry based smoothie to start and you may not even notice the taste!

Create a Kale Smoothie for awesome health benefits


This leafy green is one of the most searched terms in the month of January as everyone knows it’s good for you. If you haven’t tried it yet, switch your spinach up for kale in a smoothie. It’s high in fiber, Vitamin K (and A and C), iron, antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. We tried out kale instead of spinach in some of our favorite green smoothie recipes. The kids still loved them!


This is a powder that can be added to any smoothie. It helps keep your gut healthy which is always a good idea, especially when our system is taxed during the winter season. Make your smoothie first then add the glutamine powder in. Blend on the lowest speed possible so you don’t destroy the health benefits in the delicate powder.

Rehydrate goji berries for smoothies


Some people claim goji berries to be the fountain of youth. What’s not to love about that? Did you  know they have the highest protein content of any fruit? Generally you will find them as dried fruit. Soak them for awhile and then add both the water and rehydrated fruit to your smoothie. Tell the kids it’s a “Wolf” Smoothie since goji berries are also know wolfberries.

Try Matcha in your smoothie


This is one for the adults in house, since this does contain caffeine. (My kids already have enough energy!) Matcha is like green tea, but it’s the actual tea leaves ground up. You get more of the health benefits by drinking matcha tea than just a cup of brewed green tea. Matcha helps detox the body, boosts your energy and may help improve your metabolism.  Add 1 teaspoon to nearly any smoothie to boost the nutritional benefits.


 What’s your favorite smoothie ingredient? 


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