Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  This was one of those weeks.  This is a quick recap of the before and after of my closet projects for week 3 of Project Simplify.

I’m glad I started this project at the beginning of the week.  Our game closet was a little scary.  It kept growing without weeding out the games we didn’t regularly play.  I divided it up into three piles: Keep, Keep somewhere else and Donate.  The donate pile ended being fairly large which made me happy.  I hope other families will enjoy them as we have in the past.

Donation pile

Afterwards we have a coat closet with a tidy shelf of the strategy games we regularly play.  Plus we cleaned out the bottom half of the closet too, including four blankets.  How does that happen??

I made a dent in the laundry closet, yet it’s still not quite done. There was dead space in this closet that we put to good use. (See a trend here with my past post, Creating a Pantry)

It’s for shoes.  Specifically, my husband’s size 14 shoes.  They just never fit into our cubby by the back door and always needed their own home.  I think he is most excited about having all of his biking gear all pulled together so he can quickly buzz out for a ride. We also got a new Dust Buster and mounted it to the wall to free up additional shelf space.

 I’m still trying to figure out how to improve the bottom row, I may but more of these $2 Target ice buckets in green.  I like the pop of color it provides when I open the closet.

So life gets in the way sometimes.  I dropped everything this week and took my kids to spend time with my Nana during her final days.  Being around kids always made her happy.  Sometimes that is all that matters.

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