Holistic Patient Advocate

Do you feel like your doctor doesn’t have time for you? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by a recent diagnosis or confused by conflicting information from your healthcare team? Perhaps you are taking a handful of prescriptions each day– only to wonder if they are simply meant to dull the side effects of other medications that you aren’t sure you even need to be taking? Or maybe you’re facing a complicated healthcare issue and need help understanding what it means and the best treatment plan for YOU.

I can help. 

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Doctors today are unfortunately overworked. They do not always have the time (or resources) to look at your case and body holistically. That is where a patient advocate comes in. I’m here to tell you that it’s ok not to accept the standard treatment plan and that you can advocate for alternative options. You don’t need to be afraid. Together we can navigate the system, empowering you and guiding you to the best course of action for your health.

Learn more about how a health navigator, or health advocate, can support you.

Holistic Patient Advocate Framework

C: Coordination of care and support

  • make physician or alternative practitioner appointments
  • communicate across the care team and family members
  • finding the right specialist based on location and availability 

A: Attending and preparation for appointments

  • accompany you or a loved one to appointments (greater Boston, North Shore, or virtual)
  • prepare questions for practitioners in advance
  • organize your medical records
  • research new or alternative treatments available

R: Review holistic solutions

  • present a holistic overview of a diagnosis or symptoms
  • explore all possible options for care, including lifestyle adjustments
  • limit medical error risk by looking at the “whole person” vs a single issue

E: Explain diagnosis in simplified language

  • translate medical jargon to understandable terms
  • understanding a diagnosis, medication, and/or treatment options
  • obtain a second opinion
  • understand patient rights.

Emily filled in all the gaps in the medical information I received from his doctor and explained the medical terminology in ways I could understand.  She made the Celiac world less daunting and empowered me to handle the diagnosis and changes with confidence.


Before I met Emily, I had been suffering from multiple auto-immune conditions for approximately a year. I had been bounced around the medical system from one specialist to the next without a clear view of how to treat my condition(s) or a root cause. Emily changed everything. She was always advocating for me whether it was reviewing test results together or helping me prepare notes and questions prior to going to my various specialist appointments.  We weathered a lot of highs and lows, but she was always there for me, ensuring I would get to a stable state.


Why is Holistic Patient Advocacy Important?

I bridge the gap between conventional medicine and all the holistic options available to patients to heal their symptoms. A holistic patient advocate helps effectively support, advocate for, and navigate their clients through the broken healthcare system so they can get to the root cause. They are treating the whole patient, not just the disease. 

I’m Emily Roach, a certified Holistic Patient Advocate.

Read more about my journey here: What is a Holistic Patient Advocate?

I know how scary and frustrating it can be to take on a new medical diagnosis. You are not alone! Book a FREE call today, and we can chat about how I can help you feel supported, understood, and less overwhelmed with your diagnosis or treatment plan- so that you can focus on healing. 

Want to share your story or connect with me personally to see if this is a service you or your loved one can benefit from? I’d love to hear from you below.

Need a private patient advocate for you or a loved one? Schedule a free 20-minute consultation or an email below.

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Emily Roach is based in Needham, MA, serving clients in Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Metrowest Boston, and the North Shore. In-person or virtual meetings are available.

Patient Advocate questions? Check out my FAQ:

  1. Which hospitals do you work with?  I am not affiliated with one particular hospital. I have worked with physicians at many Boston area hospitals, including Boston Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel, Newton-Wellesley, Lahey Clinic, Brigham and Women’s, and Dana Farber. 
  2. Do you take insurance?  No, I work independently from insurance companies and work on a private pay system.
  3. Do you accompany me to appointments?  This is decided on a case-by-case basis for local clients. For virtual clients, I can attend telehealth meetings as needed.