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Healthy Meal Planning for Families
Nutrition Education Emily Roach

So Who is Emily Roach?

Emily Roach is a health coach and certified culinary nutrition expert specializing in uncovering food sensitivities. She supports clients in healing their digestive troubles, skin issues, joint pain, fatigue, and more by helping discover the root cause.

Emily is also passionate about helping women with chronic stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue. She looks at the root cause of the imbalance and helps the body find the energy needed to heal and flourish. Emily loves helping busy and stressed out women feel energized, regulate their hormones, and beat the feeling of burnout.

Emily is a proud mama of three children. She resides outside Boston with her husband, three children, and adorable Australian Labradoodle. As a certified culinary nutrition expert and holistic patient advocate, she navigates her clients through both the conventional healthcare and holistic medicine worlds. Emily’s own health journey has included Kawasaki’s disease, a medical error, and finding freedom from numerous pharmaceuticals. She thrives on teaching other women how to empower their bodies and feel amazing.