Nutrition and Health Coaching

Ever feel overwhelmed with all the information about diets, wellness, and what you should be doing?

Want someone to cut through all the noise and help you figure out what’s best for you?

Often patients (especially women) don’t feel like they have a real partnership with their doctors. They are often afraid to tell their doctor things because they seem unconcerned, dismissive, or even belittling and don’t appear to care much about whether the chronic health issue ever gets fully healed as long as the symptoms are managed.

This results in many patients feeling lost and unsupported by the healthcare system and looking for help in other places.

I’m looking to fill that gap for my clients.

Emily Roach Needham Health Coach Nutritionist

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to how you should eat. Nutrient requirements vary greatly depending on your age and stage in life, how active you are, and your lifestyle.

Doctors are so pressed for time, and they often don’t get the opportunity to learn your whole health history, including lifestyle choices. Their questions are generic and often leaves you feeling unheard and dismissed. Have you ever experienced this?

This standard of care needs to change, but until then, a health coach is your friend who helps marry conventional health care needs with a holistic approach.

I have overcome adrenal fatigue and managed autoimmune symptoms, so I totally get what it means to feel exhausted. For the past few years, gaining more energy is my client’s #1 goal.  It’s closely followed by wanting to resolve digestion issues like bloating, constipation, and gas. It all connects to your gut and hormone health. I’ll walk you through my process of how to bring these two systems into balance.

One-on-one Private Coaching

Better health starts in the kitchen. Your meal planning stress can be eliminated with my help. My Holistic but Realistic approach to health and wellness has helped hundreds of women feel less stress about what they eat, when they eat, and why they eat. From what to put on the table for dinner to managing a chronic disease, a health coach is your biggest cheerleader for supporting your health.

If you enjoy counting calories, macros, or some other number-of-the-month, then my coaching practice is not for you. (too much math) Instead, I walk my clients through my 4 Pillars of Health and provide accountability, recipes, and real-world solutions. It is not a quick fix program and instead relies on weekly coaching sessions to make lasting change happen for you.


  • More Energy
  • Resolve Digestive issues
  • Glowing skin
  • Stress reduction
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Food allergy support
  • Autoimmune support

This is a journey where we partner together to boost your health and mindset, one step at a time. Schedule a free, 20-minute phone consultation to discover what program best suits your current needs.

We can chat about your health goals and challenges, then decide if my coaching services are the right fit for your needs.

Testimonials from amazing clients

“I have been working with Emily for 6 months now and have attended 2 of her cooking classes. I was interested in working with a nutritionist due to my previous diagnosis and treatment for cancer. I wanted to arm myself with the healthiest diet I could to prevent any further issues. Since working with Emily I have learned about so many ingredients that I didn’t even know existed and gained a confidence in the kitchen that I never had before. It has resulted in getting off of one medication that I had been on for at least 10 years. There are many nutritionists out there that can give you advice but Emily is unique in that she provides recipes to incorporate into your life and is realistic about certain limitations with family or time. She is never offended if you don’t like some of the recipes, she just uses it as information to move towards other ones that will work. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in making a healthy change in their life and is willing to put in the work. The cooking classes are a great way to get a glimpse into what working with her would be like and take home some great recipes.”  -Melissa


“I worked with Emily for six months this year. She was nothing short of amazing. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and all things cooking. She has the heart of a teacher and goes at your pace when she is teaching you something new. She is very in tune to when she should introduce new things to you, and not overwhelm you with information. One of the best investments I made in myself this year was working with Emily. She really helped me lay a foundation for a healthier lifestyle that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach and guide to get on track with healthy living.”  -Allison


Meeting with you allowed me the opportunity to gain knowledge and then with knowledge comes power.  I can now make knowledgeable choices for my family in terms of their nutrition and overall health, which frankly is one of the best feelings.  I so appreciate how comprehensive you were and how you knew so much and shared it in the most gracious and informative manner.  The entire process was powerful and helpful.  Thank you!

K. O.

Thanks Emily. You don’t know how much your support has meant to me. I would not have been able to do this journey without you! You have been a lifesaver for me!


Emily, I am still smiling. What an amazing afternoon. Thank You for everything. I have spent many hours and a lot of money with other nutritionist, homeopaths, and dieticians. You by far have been the most informative and helpful. I look forward to starting my food plan and I will keep you posted along the way. With much gratitude!


I first met with Emily for help in cleaning up my diet and to explore how food could be used to improve my health and energy. Emily is so knowledgeable, informative, and not overwhelming in her approach. When my son was diagnosed with Celiac, one of my first thoughts was I need to call Emily! She expertly walked me through how to make our home gluten-free and safe for my son, offered several strategies to help my son’s gut heal, and literally walked me through the grocery store to help me come up with delicious meal options to feed my family. Without her help navigating the gluten-free world, my son would not be doing we well as he is. I will always be grateful for her guidance, understanding, and helpful tips! -Diane

Nutrition Education Emily Roach

So Who is Emily Roach?

Emily Roach is passionate about helping women with chronic stress, anxiety, and adrenal fatigue. She looks at the root cause of the imbalance and helps the body find the energy needed to heal and flourish. Emily’s main focus is helping busy and stressed out women feel energized, regulate their hormones, and beat the feeling of burnout.

Emily is a proud mama of three children. She resides outside Boston with her husband, three children, and adorable Australian Labradoodle. As a certified culinary nutrition expert and holistic patient advocate, she navigates her clients through both the conventional healthcare and holistic medicine worlds. Emily’s own health journey has included Kawasaki’s disease, a medical error, and finding freedom from numerous pharmaceuticals. She thrives on teaching other women how to empower their bodies and feel amazing.

Specialty Services

  • private cooking workshops
  • pantry clean out and simple swap guidelines
  • clean-crafted wine tasting
  • home health audit (cleaning/beauty care product review)

Please contact me for further details, or to schedule a time to talk.  In-person nutrition consulting meetings are currently on hold. Grocery store tours are still available in Needham, Dedham, and Wellesley.

All virtual health coaching appointments take place via the Practice Better program (HIPPA compliant.)

*I am NOT a licensed medical professional. I do NOT treat, diagnose, or prescribe. I simply educate, encourage, recommend, and support simple lifestyle changes based on my own certifications, education, and experience. Please seek a licensed medical professional or licensed therapist if you are in need of immediate medical attention.