Lots of seafood on deck as the sales were too good to pass up.  After doing a major Freezer Organization project last week, I was ready to restock the freezer with some meat deals.  Natural ground beef for $3.99, awesome price so I bought 3 lbs.  Maybe this will be the year to buy a chest freezer….

Today’s recipe is a made up salsa with pineapple and orange for the grilled swordfish.  Tuesday will be dinner out at my Grammy’s new senior living dining area.
Wednesday Chili Mac is a new recipe from Parents Magazine.
Thursday Salmon recipe is from Martha Stewart.
Friday Apricot Porkchops is a favorite and from Every Day Food.

What are you cooking this week?

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3 replies
  1. Emily says:

    Can I come for dinner tonight?! Your meal plan looks great! We've been contemplating a chest freezer, too. I just wonder if we'd ever save enough to make cost effective.

  2. sunflower says:

    We have saved a lot of money by always buying
    what is on sale at the store and freezing it. Now,we have transitioned to raising our own chickens,meat ect and it is even handier. In fact we have two freezers now. We originally had a coffin freezer and we put a watt meter on it to discover it was using 20.00 a month in electricity. We bought an energy efficient freezer. It cost 3.00 a month to run the new freezer.Because of the electric savings and stocking up on sale items we saved big time.

  3. dddiva says:

    Never thought to put orange in pineapple salsa, sounds really good, as does your menu. Stopping by from MPM. I could not eat nearly as well as we do without our freezer.

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