Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  I spent most of mine volunteering (with lots of friends) at the Parent Talk Sale. Super fun event and so wonderful to see clothes and toys go to a second (or third!) home.  Sunday we hosted post-church donuts and coffee with four generations of family members. Then I processed another batch of tomato sauce and bagged chopped chives to freeze for the winter.

This week’s meal plan is a little light as we want to clear out the fridge and our evening schedules are a bit up in the air.  One thing I’ve learned is that even if my husband is away for the night, I can’t do too many leftover or breakfast dinners. One night is fine, but we need to get back to a well-balanced dinner so everyone feels good and stays healthy.

Here is the plan for this week…
Sunday~ Steak Tips, Sautéed Snow Peas (from the garden!) and Whole Wheat Couscous. (Corn was processed and frozen instead. See, lots of improvisation this week!)
Monday~ Out to dinner with friends after dance class
Tuesday~ Whole Chicken in the Ninja. This was so well received we are doing it again. Peas and eggs noodles on the side.
Wednesday~ Using the leftover chicken for quesadillas. Mexican rice on the side.
Thursday~ Chick pea chili in the slow cooker.
Friday~ Pizza
Saturday~ Pumpkin Carving Party at friend’s house…will need to make dessert!

What are you making this week?  Do you make a weekly meal plan?

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  1. PragmaticMom says:

    I'd love your recipe for Mexican Rice. A friend from business school's wife showed me how 15 years ago (they are from Mexico) but she didn't speak much English and I don't seem to make it the same way she did.

    She fried onions in oil and added carrots, potato and tomato to rice. Hers had more zing than mine though so I'm not if I am missing something or have the proportions wrong.

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