If there was ever a time to simplify meal planning, this is it. Do you avoid meal planning like my kids avoid zucchini? Even if you don’t scream in horror at the sight of a cookbook, I’m willing to bet it’s not your easiest task of the week. 

What if I told you there was a way to simplify the process?

Let me give you some fast and easy tips that you can implement right now to make meal planning more successful and less painful.

1. Take inventory of what you already have.

Check your pantry, your freezer, your fridge, and anywhere else you keep food. Plan to use proteins and perishable veggies in the first couple of days that you’re planning for. Once you know what you have, you’re ready to start meal planning.

I often forget what’s in the second freezer and I need a visual reminder of what’s available to cook. Consider using fridge bins to organize upcoming meals so all components are together.   

simplify meal planning cookbook

2. Pick one cookbook to work from.

I see some people create a meal plan using recipes from multiple websites/bloggers and chefs. Or they use too many cookbooks. One of the easiest tips I can share is to use one cookbook if you are trying some new recipes.

Each recipe in a cookbook tends to be formatted in a similar way. The more you use a cookbook, the easier it is to follow the recipe. I used to use more than one book, and then I tried this tactic. Such a game-changer! Plus, it’s one cookbook to keep on your counter for the week. Reducing visual clutter in the kitchen helps to make cooking more enjoyable.

I have a huge cookbook collection, but I know I work more efficiently when I only focus on a couple of them seasonally. I might use the weekend to dive into a different book, so don’t worry that the rest of your cookbook collection won’t get enough love.

3. Break up your meal prep.

You’ve probably heard the advice to prep for the week on Sunday night by chopping up a week’s worth of veggies, making all of your smoothies, and putting your kids’ lunches together. (I’m hopeful for packing lunches again in the fall!) I agree that prepping helps with the weekday meal chaos, but I suggest you split your prep over two days. This will make the prep less arduous and time-consuming, but it will still give you the slight edge you need when you’re being pulled in eight different directions on just another Thursday.

simplify meal planning meal prep

Wondering what is “preppable”? Glad you asked! You can:

4. Write your meal plan down

There’s plenty of ways to keep track of your meal plan, but I have found that writing it down in your own handwriting has been the most successful.

I think it’s for two reasons. One, we remember more of what we write with our own hands. It’s scientifically proven that the physical act of writing makes a bigger imprint in our brain/memory than typing.

Second, if we write it down on paper, we have a physical object to tape in a visual spot. Whereas a digital write up can get lost in our sea of digital clutter.

5. Create a list of Family Favorite Meals

This is the #1 way to help you save time each time you sit down to meal plan. It takes a little time investment to put it together, but the benefits are huge.

I want you to write down a list of those dinner ideas that you make on a regular rotation. These can be kid’s favorites, those dinners you don’t need recipes for, and even things that make not be “dinner” but totally count like “breakfast-for-dinner.” I’m giving you permission to plan for these types of nights…or just use them as a back-up option.

Having a list of favorites to start with, and then sprinkle in some new recipes will help simplify the meal planning process so much. Then you won’t feel like you are starting from scratch each week.

Here’s a gift for making it to the end of this post. I want to give you this simple, customizable template that you can use to:

  • Create a list of family favorite meals.
  • Use my list of dinner ideas to help get you started.
  • Write out a few meals in the meal plan template.

Simplify Meal Planning Template Printable

Apply these tips to simplify your meal planning practice this week, and I know you’ll feel an immediate difference. And this is just the beginning! I’ve got more for you…but in the meantime, enter your info in the form below to get your cheat sheet!

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I hope you enjoyed these tips to help simplify your meal planning this week. Don’t forget to grab your free template. Even if you don’t create your own, you can use mine that’s included. Enjoy!  

How to simplify meal planning

If you are curious about low carb eating, then these keto diet tips are for you. There’s no other nutrition trend that’s more talked about than the keto diet this year. You may hear it called the ketogenic diet, or just keto diet, for short. I’ll explain what it is, and how to make transitioning to a keto lifestyle successful.

Healthy Super Bowl party recipe ideas for gluten-free dairy-free guests.

As the excitement grows for Super Bowl Sunday, it’s time to plan out your healthy Super Bowl recipes. Now, I hear what you are saying. Is there such a thing as “healthy”Super Bowl recipes? You bet.

Today I’m sharing with you some fun finds that the whole family will love. With the game later at night, there are lots of small bites on this menu round-up. All of these items are gluten-free and dairy-free, so you can wake up in the morning feeling awesome. (Especially if your team wins!)

HealthySuper Bowl Recipes

healthy superbowl sunday recipe avocado citrus ceviche dip

HealthySuper Bowl appetizer recipes

Chipotle Cauliflower Tacos- fun, vegetarian option as a main meal or appetizer from Pamela Salzman.

Avocado and citrus “ceviche”- light and bright from Cookie and Kate. Serve with organic, corn tortilla chips. Better yet, try the new grain-free chips from Siete.

Chicken Pineapple Meatballs- these look super kid-friendly! Recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo

Spinach and artichoke dip- I’ve made this recipe from Robyn at Real Food Whole Life and it’s amazing. Your guests will never know it’s dairy free, and it’s made in the slow cooker! I serve this with a mix of raw veggies, corn tortilla chips, Mary’s crackers, and sometimes pita bread for the kids.

Bacon wrapped cinnamon apples- this looks so fun for pre-game!

spinach artichoke dairy free recipe for healthy superbowl sunday

HealthySuper Bowl entree recipes

Buffalo Chickpea Chili- a cool combo of flavors from The First Mess

Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Skins- those sweet potatoes actually help you sleep better at night, no matter what the score it. 

Slow cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup-one of our family favorites

Paleo Teriyaki Chicken Wings- make enough for a crowd with this recipe from Predominantly Paleo. 

Instant Pot Enchilada Chicken- this is on our list for this Sunday, along with the sweet potato skins on the side. Make extra and use it for Monday night’s dinner in tacos!

Roasted Cauliflower Chickpea Pomegranate Salad


HealthySuper Bowl Dessert recipes

(just don’t eat too much too late at night!)

Paleo Seven Layer Bars from Danielle at Against All Grain. (Love her Celebrations cookbook!)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brown Rice Crispy Treats

Coconut Oil Chocolate Bark from Oh She Glows

Healthy Super bowl recipes ideas for gluten-free dairy-free guests.

Are you ready for some football?! Enjoy these fun, healthySuper Bowl party recipes. Join us in the private Facebook group and come tell us what you are making. 


whole30 fast and easy recipes for your next challenge. Doing your first Whole30_ Start here.

In light of the newest Whole30 cookbook, I thought I would share a Whole30 Fast and Easy Meal Plan for you. You may be thinking about next month and starting a Whole30. Here’s your chance to get see how fast and easy some Whole30 recipes are to make at home. Keep things simple and use quality, fresh ingredients and you will be inspired to keep your Whole30 going!

The recipes I’ve picked here are often easy to prep ahead, which is where the magic happens if you are planning a Whole30. It’s the “planning” portion that is most important, and often overlooked. You will want to prep ahead quality snacks, make-ahead meals, and easy breakfast options to keep your motivation on tract.

Quick version of the Whole30

Some of you may have already tried a Whole30, while others have heard about it for awhile. Here’s my general guideline for explaining a Whole30:

  • Fill your plate with a lot more vegetables and fruits, but mostly vegetables.
  • Accent your plate with a quality protein, such as grass-fed beef, pastured raised chicken and eggs, nitrate free pork products, and seafood.
    • Here’s what’s not being explained enough when talking about a Whole30 challenge. The quality of your food makes a huge impact on your health. It’s worth spending the money on the best quality meat you can find. Learn more about why in my post here about sustainable farming. Poor quality meat causes inflammation in the body and it’s the number one issue you want to resolve when it comes to optimizing your health.
  • Add in healthy fats from avocados, coconut, olives, nuts and seeds.
  • Eliminate the following: sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, legumes (beans/lentils/peanuts) and dairy.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Here’s what’s not being explained enough when it comes to a #Whole30 challenge.” quote=”Here’s what’s not being explained enough when talking about a Whole30 challenge. “]

How do I make Whole30 Fast and Easy for me?

My best advice is to plan ahead, and don’t go it alone. Having someone to partner with is great motivation for sticking with the plan. This may be your husband, or maybe it’s your best friend. Staying accountable is one of the keys to success. I also coach clients who need an accountability partner outside the home, and clients appreciate being able to ask the random questions that come up when navigating a Whole30.

One additional suggestion is to be super organized about what you have on hand, and what’s needed at the grocery store. Your success will come from getting the junk out of the house so it’s not tempting you. I rarely buy big tubs of ice cream any more for my kids because I didn’t want it tempting me, lingering in the freezer. Keeping your kitchen clean, clutter free, and organized makes a difference. To make grocery shopping easier when starting a Whole30, you can shop at Thrive Market and order their Whole30 Starter Set. Type it in the search bar and there are two different packages available.

On to the menu items…pick a few new recipes, but remember to keep things simple. That’s the best way to stay on track!

Whole30 fast and easy lunch ideas

Whole30 Fast and Easy Breakfast Ideas

  • Mango Lime Chia Pudding-this is a great recipe if you make your pudding with coconut milk and it’s too rich.
  • Turkey Blueberry Patties– a unique combo to mix up your morning. Bake these ahead of time and reheat as needed. Save the muffin recipe here for post Whole30.
  • Scrambed eggs, layered over spinach, with a side of kimchi or sauerkraut. Remember to add in fermented foods to your routine to improve your gut health.
  • Sweet Plantain Apple Bacon Hash– grab some pink lady apples for this fast and easy Whole30 breakfast.
  • No coffee, remember. Grab this Teechino Dark Roast Dandelion tea that helps support your liver as you detox during this program. It looks like coffee, just drink it black or with almond milk.

Whole30 Fast and Easy Lunch Ideas


Whole30 Fast and Easy Dinner Ideas

  • Fajita skewers-this is always a kid-favorite in our house, make extras for lunches the next day.
  • Asparagus Spinach Frittata– I’m a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, and then having leftovers for breakfast or lunch later in the week.
  • Quick Garlic Lime Pork Chops
  • Hamburger served on a grilled portobello mushroom cap, or sweet potato toast.
  • Steak Salad Steakhouse Style– doesn’t that look delicious in the image above?! Make the Whole30 ranch dressing and you can use it on a number of things during your Whole30 challenge.

Whole30 Fast and Easy Snack Ideas

  • Quick note here…snacks are not a key part  of the Whole30, however I think there are times when you need to grab something fast, and these are all easy to find.
  • Epic bars- variety pack sold here. 
  • Chipotle roasted almonds
  • Plantain Chips
  • Seaweed Snacks– look for ones made with olive oil, avoid anything with canola/sunflower/safflower oil.
  • Dry Roasted Nuts- no oils in the ingredient list.

Additional Whole30 Resources

Whole30 Fast and Easy Meal Plan Recipes

Pin this for next Whole30 Fast and Easy Challenge!

For more inspiration, check out years of past dinner plans here, my Pinterest collection here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of weekly meal plans.

In the name of efficiency, I have been trying out a variety of grocery delivery services over the past couple of months. This past week I had the opportunity to try Farmers to You, a co-op of Vermont farms that will deliver in my area. Farm fresh produce and meat, without an hour plus drive. Yes, please! Don’t miss your special discount code at the bottom of this post.

Farmers to You Farms

What is Farmers to You?

Here’s how Farmers to You works. A wide variety of farms in the Vermont area provide their best quality produce, meats, syrups, and more to be delivered to Boston area families. We go online, choose what we want, then it gets delivered at a predetermined pick up location one day during the week. I was able to pick up my order at the Wellesley Farmers Market, which is now 100% served by Farmers to You.

One of the most important lessons I have learned as a culinary nutrition expert is to understand where your food is coming from. The shorter the distance from farm to table is always going to be in your best interest. Vegetables grown on small farms, where they truly care for the soil and the land, gives you more nutrient density in the food on your table.

If I have a choice to spend money with a small farm family business versus big agra, the small farm will always win. I know that someone has nurtured what they have grown, whether it’s fruits, vegetables, or animals. That positive energy becomes part of your food, and then part of us.

Food, if you can call it that, which has gone through processing becomes dead food. Same goes for food that is picked before it’s ripe. The most important step I teach my private clients is how the quality of the food they eat affects their health and energy level.

Is Farmers to You all Organic?

Here’s another tidbit worth remembering, you don’t always need to buy organic.  There is a time and a place for certified organic, but if you are partnering with a small farm that uses old-school methods of farming, they don’t need the costly organic stamp of approval for me. Organic farming has become a big business, and just because it’s labeled organic does not always guarantee it’s the best choice.

Farmers to You Vermont farm delivery service Boston

How do I prioritize what I buy organic versus not? Here’s my cheat sheet:

  • Choose grass-fed, pastured raised meat from small, local farms. You will get a better quality meat than a factory farm organic chicken. Yes, that’s what Perdue is doing to the organic business. Choosing the highest quality meat you can afford is the most important thing. I would ask you to spend the extra money on meat and dairy quality, and buy all your other veggies non-organic if your budget is tight.
  • Dairy is next in line. I’m comfortable with non-organic if the cows are pastured the majority of the year. Here’s more info on how to make smart choices about dairy…and guess what, it doesn’t include fat-free anything.
  • Eggs-pastured raised, small farm is best. Even organic standards allow for large scale chicken coops with very little outdoor exposure. Farm fresh eggs all rate higher for Omega 3, a key nutrient for anti-inflammatory diets. 
  • Root vegetables-if it’s not local and you don’t know the farm, choose organic. The veggies absorb everything that’s in the soil. If that includes Round-Up, then you get that too. Farmers to You partners with River Berry and Dog River Farms. You can grab some certified organic root vegetables with them.
  • Strawberries- top of the charts for the Dirty Dozen so I don’t make exceptions here. Always buy organic.
  • Apples- they tend to be heavily sprayed, but you can find good non-organic apples that have been grown with Integrated Pest Management practices. From Champlain farm owners,
  • Bill and Andrea at Champlain Orchards are committed to ecological practices and are Eco-Apple certified. Due to challenges of our Northeast climate, they use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and minimally spray their apples to manage pests in conjunction with natural methods.

  • Leafy greens- an avid reader informed me that leafy greens attract lots of bugs so they are sprayed heavily with pesticides. I’m sticking with organic here, unless I hear the farm follows a non-toxic protocol.
  • Corn-buy organic, otherwise it’s most likely from a GMO seed.
  • Red peppers- organic, top of the dirty dozen list.
  • Balance of fruits and veggies-grab organic if you can if in a grocery store. I’m comfortable without the organic label if it’s from a small, trustworthy farm.

Here’s a peek at how Farmers to You connects you to the food you serve your family.

A Community of Families and Farmers from Farmers To You on Vimeo.

How do I sign up for Farmers to You?

Super easy to test out if you are in the Boston area. Check here on this page to find delivery sites in your area. Want one in Needham? Let me know if there is enough interest and I’ll do a test run! While I love supporting my local farmers market, time is tight as a busy mom with three little kids and a husband who travels. Let’s not even mention the craziness of the kid’s sports schedules over the weekend. If I can make my cooking/grocery shopping a little more efficient right now, I’m all for it.

I created an account, placed an order by Sunday for a Thursday pickup. I got a text reminder and an email about when and where to pickup my order. It was super simple. *You do need to update your order for the following week as it automatically creates a reoccurring order. I adjusted mine to reorder basics and suspended it for a week to allow me time to process what I already received. Next week I’ll update it and see what new items are available.

What am I making with my delivery from Farmers to You?

Farmers to You Grass Fed Meat

There are some recipes on the Farmers to You website, but here’s a few more ideas based on what caught my eye last week.


Ready to check it out?! Head over here to place your order with Farmers to You.  My readers are getting $25 off their first order! Use the code: ERW25. 

Come back here and leave a comment sharing what you are excited to try first! 

Note: I partnered with Farmers to You and was provided free product to facilitate this story. I had a great experience and look forward to placing orders with them again on my own. 

Farmers to You Food Delivery in Boston

Are you coming out of the hazy, lazy days of summer and starting to feel the urge to get organized again? Need some routine back in your day? Here’s a new meal plan after taking a summer break to enjoy gorgeous weather as much as possible. I read lots of books, magazines and blog recipes and I spent the good part of Sunday morning trying to organize them. The good ones get saved and shared here in my meal plans, and they also get added to my recipe binder.

A little nutrition lesson about farro, which is included in this week’s meal plan in two recipes. Farro, an ancient wheat grain, is a high fiber food. It has a nutty taste and is a great source of protein, magnesium, B vitamins, zinc and iron. It does contain the gluten protein so swapping it for amaranth is an alternative for those following a gluten free plan.

As you write out your grocery list for the upcoming week check out these healthy family friendly recipes from this weeks menu plan.

Our peach and zucchini summer pizza.

Our peach and zucchini summer pizza.

Dinner {GF= Gluten Free, P=Paleo, DF=Dairy Free, NF= Nut Free}

Monday: Roasted Chickens (2) paired with roasted broccoli and red potatoes. (GF)  Leftover chicken will be used for lunches the rest of the week.

Tuesday: Summer Minestrone Soup, vegetarian. My longtime favorite recipe is this one, but I also have made this Paleo version too in the crock pot. For anyone needing more protein in the soup, the leftover roasted chicken is a quick add.

Wednesday: Garlic-Lime Pork with Farro and Kale. (recipe) I don’t often find precooked farro so here are the simple directions: Bring 6 cups water to a boil in a large saucepan. Stir in 2 cups farro and 1 teaspoon salt; cover and simmer 15 minutes or until just tender, stirring occasionally. Drain; transfer farro to a large bowl. Use half for tonight’s recipe and the rest for the Lunch option.

Thursday: Kid’s request night is Chicken Tenders, steamed Green Beans and rice.

Friday: Summer burgers on the grill, local peaches and cream corn and heirloom tomato salad.

Weekend: Peaches are in season and we made a peach and zucchini pizza from Love and Lemons cookbook this past weekend. Check out your local farmer’s market to find some new combinations to put on your pizza. This summer squash and corn recipe is perfect for this time of year.  Try making your own pizza dough with this recipe.


Farro salad with peas, pancetta and radishes. Use the farro made on Wednesday for this salad.


Protein pumped up in this week’s oatmeal recipe from Chatelaine. We made the carrot cake oatmeal and increase the oats by a 1/2 cup. It was a winner!


Too  many apples sitting on the counter so we are making a round of dehydrated apple chips with cinnamon. (NF)


French 75 cocktail…a minty version is also in the cookbook I mentioned. Why haven’t I tried this before?

Healthy weekly meal plan

Pin this to save for later!


For more inspiration, see years of past dinner plans here, my Pinterest collection here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of weekly meal plans.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! This holiday weekend edition of the meal plan features some simple, healthy recipes for you to test in your kitchen. If you make a recipe you love, share it in a note in the comments. Or, if you are interested, I have started a Facebook Group, Eat Well Live Well, which you can join if you are a newsletter subscriber. Let me know if you are already a subscriber and would like to be added to the group where we are sharing even more recipe ideas and tips for eating well.

As you write out your grocery list for the upcoming week check out these healthy family friendly recipes from this weeks menu plan. Each featured recipe includes link to the complete recipe.

Dinner {GF= Gluten Free, P=Paleo, DF=Dairy Free, NF= Nut Free}

Memorial Day Monday: Homemade burgers, turkey hot dogs, Red White and Blue Quinoa Fruit Salad,

Tuesday: Jerk Sweet Potato and Black Bean Curry. (P, Vegan)

Wednesday: Paleo Taco Bowl with Cauliflower Rice. Here’s another recipe explaining how to make cauliflower rice as I saw it no less than three times this week in magazines. Clearly a new food trend!

Thursday: 20 minute Honey Garlic Shrimp, brown rice and broccoli

Friday: CORN = Clean Out Refrigerator Night. Or Eggs for dinner.

Weekend: Pan Seared Chicken Thighs with Blistered Tomatoes and Basil, with quinoa on the side.


Mediterranean Farro Salad– great for a dinner side or a main lunch dish.


Whole grain toast with almond butter and sliced strawberries

Scrambled eggs with pesto sauce


Banana split with greek yogurt, chocolate sauce drizzle and sliced strawberries

Stovetop popcorn

Healthy Meal plan recipes to help you make your meal plan

Pin this for the next time you are making your grocery list.

For more inspiration, see years of past dinner plans here, my Pinterest collection here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of weekly meal plans.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to start a new week. We have some summery recipes, meatless mains and peppery salads.

Dinner {GF= Gluten Free, P=Paleo, DF=Dairy Free, NF= Nut Free}

Meatless Monday: Mushroom, Kale and Cheddar Frittata. (GF, NF). 40 minutes.

Tuesday: Baked Chicken Nuggets, baked sweet potato fries and Israeli couscous.  30 minutes.

Wednesday: Open-Face Steak Sandwich with Parmesan Dressing (skip the bread and you have a delicious gluten-free steak salad). 35 minutes.

Thursday: Slow Cooker Honey Chipotle Chicken Tacos, GF. This is our “busy night = slow cooker night” day. Cook this recipe for 2 hours on high, or 4-6 on low.

Friday: CORN = Clean Out Refrigerator Night.

Weekend: Pizza night! Homemade pizza dough + Zucchini Ricotta pizza recipe and you will be so very happy. The dough takes about an hour, 5 minutes hands-on time and 50 minutes to knead and rise in the breadmaker.


Tempeh Reubens– after reading about gut health, I think I’ll give this a try.


Overnight Oats made with Kefir.

Raspberry Almond Scones– we are celebrating Victoria Day next weekend and I would love to make these for a special breakfast during the long weekend.


The dehydrator came back out this weekend and after making apple rings and strawberry fruit roll-ups, the kids ate them so fast I didn’t have any left for lunch boxes this week. Guess what I’ll be doing again this morning…


Creamy Coconut Margaritas caught my eye this week. I will be making these when it finally gets warm again here next weekend. Did I mention it snowed here yesterday…in May?!


open face steak sandwich with parmesan dressing

For more inspiration, see years of past dinner plans here, my Pinterest collection here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of weekly meal plans.

Well hello Monday. How did it come so fast? As our school and social schedules get into full swing the days are flying by this month. We had a normal weekend of yard work, hosting neighbors for cocktails, apple picking, apple pie baking and lots of football watching. Basically an all-American weekend north of the border.

Fall apple pie menu plan

The apple season is in full swing here. We picked cortlands, mackintosh and galas…50 pounds worth! I should be in the kitchen making applesauce but I think I’ll wait till my little helpers are back home. They love giving the food mill a whirl. While we baked a traditional apple pie on Sunday, this no-crust apple pie is also one of my favorite melt-in-your-mouth dessert recipes. Don’t forget vanilla bean ice cream on the side!


The kids were great helpers at the apple orchard we discovered outside of Toronto city limits. It was beautiful to get to the country and the sky was amazing after a big downpour. It’s so much flatter here than I expected and it’s been fun to keep exploring around our new home.

Modern menu planning free printable

I thought I would share this menu planning printable I used last week and shared my Instagram. It was one of my top images this month and you can print the file yourself here.

On to this week’s menu…

Monday~ CORN (for new readers, this means Clean Out Refrigerator Night) We have 3 choices of leftovers (not including pie) that we need to tackle.

Tuesday~ Chicken Nuggets, Roasted Carrots and Israeli Couscous. (which is called Pearl Couscous here and makes much more sense.)

Wednesday~ Veggie Pizza on Naan bread.

Thursday~ It’s our 10 year wedding anniversary so I’m making my favorite guy a new lemon chicken recipe which is always a win for him. It’s a great one pot meal so clean up will be quick!

Friday~ Date night!

Easy weeknight lemon chicken skillet dinner.

Cooking Light recipe

 Have an awesome week everyone!

For more inspiration, see three years of past dinner plan heremy Pinterest board here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of weekly meal plans.


As everyone finishes their preparations for Christmas, here are some dinner ideas for your family. Easy peasy lemony squeezy my daughter would say. We are trying to do our best to use up what’s in the fridge and pantry in the coming weeks so we can start the New Year with a clean slate.

Monday: Shrimp and Feta (from the Dinner a Love Story cookbook)

Tuesday: Grilled steak tips, corn and Israeli couscous

Wednesday: Christmas Eve party at the neighbors

Thursday: Christmas ham, corn pudding, green salad and fresh bread.

Friday: Ham frittata and any other leftovers

Saturday: Eye of the Round Roast, potatoes and peas.


I encourage everyone to enjoy the next few days and try to avoid feeling like you need to “get” through the week. This is a time to slow down and enjoy the wonder of this holiday and see it through your children’s eyes. Merry Christmas and thank you to all my readers who motivate me to share my little thoughts here.

Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

For more inspiration, see my past menus here, or the Pinterest board here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of meal plans.