How to make yogurt with slow cooker
After a few rounds of making my own yogurt, I feel confident enough to share my steps for how to make yogurt in a slow cooker.  I’ve tried to make it in the past using a stove top method with thermometers involved, but never found it that easy.  The slow cooker method is easier, you just need to plan your time accordingly.

How to  Make Yogurt with a Slow Cooker

How to make yogurt with slow cooker
1/2 Gallon of Milk ~ cannot be Ultra-Pasteurized, which many Organic milk products are.  I have found Organic Pasteurized milk at Trader Joe’s that worked fine. Local, farm fresh milk is what’s I’m using.
1/2 Cup Plain Yogurt, called the “starter”.  Once you make up your first batch, you can save a 1/2 cup and use for a future batch.
Pour all of the milk into a slow-cooker and turn to Low. Leave it on for 2 1/2 hours. Check that the temperature is around 180 degrees as you learn how hot your slow cooker runs. They are not all created the same.
Unplug the cooker and let it sit for 3 hours.
At the end of 3 hours, mix in the 1/2 cup yogurt starter to the warm milk.  I slowly whisk in the yogurt.
Cover the slow cooker with a thick bath towel to retain heat.  Let the slow cooker sit overnight, or at least 8 hours.  Refrigerate in the morning.
That’s it!  In the morning, you have yogurt.  While I like it cool, I have eaten it right away in the morning, and so have the kids.  I’ve tried my starter using both Plain and Vanilla and each worked fine, just choose according to your taste.  I use my yogurt for baking and also to serve with my Homemade Granola. I usually mix fresh fruit in my yogurt and granola breakfast so I don’t care for fruity yogurt.  If that’s how you roll, you can make a puree in the blender of fresh or frozen fruit and then blend it into the yogurt.

What do you think? Will this take some of the burden off your yogurt expense each week? Let me know if you have any questions about how to make yogurt with the slow cooker.

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  1. The Greening Of Westford says:

    This is great. I too have tried on the stove and it's tricky getting the temp just right. My grandmother and Mom could test the temperature with their pinky fingers and get it right every time! My pinky isn't quite calibrated! LOL
    Have you used lower fat milk? I always seem to end up with thinner yogurt when I use anything except whole milk.

  2. FortuitousHousewife says:

    For years I have considered buying the fancy yogurt machine they have at Wiliam-Sonoma, but I figured I'd use the darn thing a few times, then it would end up collecting dust & taking up space in the back of some kitchen cabinet.

    Your slow-cooker method looks super easy, so I'm finally gonna give yogurt making a try!

  3. Natural Mothers Network says:

    Really delighted to have discovered your blog and have spent my coffee break having a good read. Thank you!
    I'm hosting a weekly linky which is all about seasonal celebration and would love it if you popped over and linked this post on making yogurt. It would be great to introduce your blog to my readership! Seasonal Celebration Linky Really hope to see you there! Rebecca x

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