I am a dryer ball convert.  I know that makes me a little weird since the majority of my friends probably have never even heard of dryer balls.  It was probably a year ago that I first read about them.  They replace dryer sheets, and last a VERY long time.  Like, years.  No more buying dryer sheets…or more like, no more running out of dryer sheets.  Plus, it’s just one less laundry time-sucking chore since the balls just stay in the dryer for the next round.

During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday haze of ordering Christmas presents, I saw The Willow Store had a discount code and I jumped on it.  I thought it would be a good present for my husband to wrap up for me.  I was so efficient in getting it and putting it in his closet, he never opened it up and I didn’t get it under the tree!
Regardless, I started using them a week after Christmas and here are my thoughts after one month.

1. Why didn’t I buy these sooner.

2. Use three balls, any less and I get some static.

3. There is still a little static with synthetic clothes…think dry-fit gym clothes.  Usually the static is only when I first pull them out of the dryer.  By the time I get them into the drawer an hour (or ahem, day) later, the static is gone.  I talked with Catherine from the Willow Store and she said to cut the drying time by a few minutes and the static should disappear.  Less drying time?  Even better.

4. I choose the natural color set, but Catherine said the colored balls are safe to use in white washes since the the colors are fiber reactive dyed.  It’s actually easier to find the colored balls in the white washes and vice versa.  Smart.

5. The kids love them.  Laundry is now a little game time for everyone 🙂

I have also used the balls for drying my cloth diapers.  No static to report and it has cut my drying time down by about 5 minutes. I know there are some DIY wool dryer ball posts you can search for, but for me, I am happy with my order and look forward to giving you an update in a year to see if they are still working as well as they are today.

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~I bought this product on my own and in no way affiliated with The Willow Store.  My opinions shared here are strictly my own.  I’ll be sharing this post with Frugally Sustainable , I Thought I Knew Mama,and SortaCrunchy.

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  1. Lollie says:

    Dryer balls…why I never!
    I must admit my curiosity is piqued.
    They soften & reduce drying time…but is there any freshness/fragrance? 'Cause I love me some "April Fresh".

  2. folkhaven says:

    I've been using the plastic variety. I feel better about using them than chemical laden dryer sheets, but still… heated plastic? Not entirely comforting to think about. I'll have to try some of the woolen ones!

  3. Melissa Stottmann says:

    Those prices are fantastic!! Thanks for posting these. I currently use vinegar in the wash cycle and while it works – I would love something for the drier and especially the cloth diapers… off to purchase 🙂

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