Happy Monday! Did you celebrate Cinquo de Mayo or the Kentucky Derby this weekend?  We are doing a delayed celebration with our Wednesday feast of Black Bean/Avocado/Corn salad.  The stores have lots of “mexican” inspired ingredients on sale so it’s a good time to tweak your menu to add in some spicy bean dishes.

Monday~ Seafood Pasta from the Pioneer Woman. I sat down with Pinterest this week to make my meal plan.  This one just looked easy and delicious with both scallops and shrimp included.

Tuesday~ Boston event for Mom and Dad so kids will get Wheels Up Pasta, a mix of wagon wheel pasta, apples and cucumbers courtesy of Parents magazine.

Wednesday~ Black Bean, Corn and Avocado Salad with Grilled Chicken from Once Upon a Chef.  I’m hopeful this will be a winner with the kids since they both like bean dishes.
Thursday~ It’s Mom’s Night Out ~ fend for yourself 🙂
Friday~ Pizza night.  My goal is to start making some fun pizza’s I find in Cooking Light that incorporate more greens into the pizza.  I’m thinking arugala and chicken…
This week for snacks will be will dehydrating bananas, pineapple and making strawberry fruit leather.  Plus we made a big “no bake” granola bar recipe from the Healthy Snacks to Go Recipe Ebook.  It is sweet and close to a Quaker chewy granola bar.  Except you can pronounce all of the ingredients.
Mother’s Day forecast looks good so we will head to the beach for the first walk of the season followed by a potluck cookout.  Time to plan for a dessert to share, maybe Carmelitas? 
Hope everyone plans now for a stress free Mother’s Day! Enjoy.

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  1. Julia @ Natural Parents Network says:

    Everything sounds delicious! I pinned the apple pasta salad one. 🙂 I've thought about making my own granola bars, too but never seem to actually get around to doing it. We did have a yummy Mexican meal for Cinco meal. 🙂

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