Have you ever bought kids clothes from a consignment shop or special sale?  If you haven’t, this is a wonderful way to give perfectly good clothes a longer life.  Plus save some cash in the process.

Twice a year I volunteer and shop the Parent Talk sale in Needham.  The Used Clothing, Toy and Equipment sale is a massive event.  Two floors of a church are filled with special outfits, hardly worn jackets and too many toys to count.  It can be overwhelming, but always worth it.

I like to volunteer for a shift the day before the sale so I can get a sneak peek at some of the good stuff.  Go in with a list of what you want to buy so you don’t get sidetracked by all the cute things that pass by.  We were busy this Friday night gabbing away while tagging bags of clothes that have been donated by so many generous families.  It made for a fast two hours, and plenty of time for shopping at the end.

My kids are now in good shape for warm weather, if it ever decides to make an appearance again. At least I got the little guy a great new rain jacket so something can get used right away!  The rest of the clothes were in great shape, including a great stash of Gap pj’s, fishy ones! I have a slight weakness for all things nautical so at least half of JJ’s outfits have a lobster, crab or fish on them.  

I encourage you to check out your local consignment options.  Kids wear their clothes for such a short stretch this is such a great way to give them more life.  Give them a good wash when you get home and you are good to go.

Happy Shopping!

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