I got my Iphone last Christmas and since then I have slowly added a number of great Apps.  Here’s a quick look at my favorite “green” Iphone Apps. ( I would like to assume these work on all Smartphones, but if they don’t, please share in the comment section. Thanks)

Dirty Dozen:
Who: Environmental Working Group
What: Application gives you a quick view of the fruits and vegetables most contaminated with pesticides and therefore those you should splurge and spend extra on the organic option where available.  Currently 49 different fruits or vegetables are listed.
Worst on the list currently: Celery…#2 is Peaches.
Best on the list: Onions

Cost: FREE 🙂

Seafood Watch
Who: Monterey Bay Aquarium
What: Recommends sustainable seafood options.  Great for in the grocery store or out to dinner.  It updates the guide based on where you live (or currently travelling.)  They use an easy to red Green/Yellow/Red code to rate Best Choice/Good Alternative/Avoid.  This is the rating system Whole Foods will start using in the coming months to determine their in-store selection.
Cost: FREE 🙂

Who: Earth911.com
What: I can enter the item I need to recycle and it tells me the nearest location.  This is great for finding places to drop off cell phones, mercury thermometers and other random items you find when you get around to cleaning/organizing.  I like that I can use this from home or at my office to find the closest drop off location.  There is also a list of local events for specialty items, like Hard Metals.

Cost: FREE 🙂

Everyday Food
Who: Martha Stewart
What: Although not your typical “green” app choice, I think this deserves to be on the list because it has helped me reduce waste in my kitchen. When I have some random ingredients leftover, I enter it into the keyword search to find an easy recipe for dinner.  I had used this when I had leftover tortillas and also artichokes…yes, separate occasions.  I have been a long-time fan of Everyday Food magazine and also own their first cookbook.  For weeknight dinners, I have yet to find an easier set of recipes, including sides which I am always in need of inspirations.  Steamed broccoli gets a little boring after awhile. I have also used the Shopping List function when I find a new recipe.  All of the (non-basic) ingredients are added to a shopping list so I’m prepared when I make it to the grocery stores.  Overall it has cut down on wasting food and given me many new recipes to try!
Cost: $0.99  (worth every penny)

Hope everyone finds some new inspiration from these apps.  Do you have one I should check out?  I love hearing what other’s find helpful!

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  1. Christy Mraz says:

    I didnt know about the Everyday Food one, I'll check it out. I use the Epicurious app for my recipe finds.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll see if they work on my android.

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