As the back to school buzz continues, I wanted in on the action.  Even though my child isn’t school-age yet, and I’m working full time, I love the fresh start September brings.  New notebooks and fresh pens really make my day.  I tried to think about back-to-school supplies a little differently this year as I try to live more sustainably. Here are a couple of fun eco-office supplies I am adding to my desk this season.

1. Staple Free Stapler~ I use this when I only have a couple of sheets to keep together.  It creates a small fold that holds them together.
2. “Paper” paper clips~ these clips can get recycled with your discarded paper.  I like them so much I’m reusing them as much as possible.
3. Eco-friendly notepads~ the notebook above is just one of the many environmentally friendly products from the husband and wife team behind This Is It! Creations.  I loved the Tree of Life design, but their selection is very wide including an amazing selection of dog breed specific covers.  Plus, 5% of their profits are donated to animal-welfare groups.  I have added a small selection of their products to my OpenSky shop that I hope you also find inspiring.  Jodi and Dan are committed to using recycled products and I wondered how challenging it is to find materials to support their cause.  Jody answered,

 When we started our company in 2005, the internet was already going strong – so we found great ecofriendly suppliers there. You can also now buy 100% recycled (post-consumer content) copy paper from most office supply chains – many of which are made using 100% renewable energy. I think the times are definitely changing as people become more aware. This has been great to see! A couple of years ago, we found a supplier in the US that offers recycled sterling silver wire, which was hard to find. This has been great because now all of our jewelry is ecofriendly, too!

For even more info about This Is It, I suggest the blog post about Jodi and Dan on Etsy where they were recently featured.  I look forward to featuring more of their beautiful paper products and recycled wire jewelry in the future.

Doggie Spiral Notebooks from This Is It! Creations

Hope everyone’s back-to-school rush is slowing down.  The air is getting brisk so it must be time for apple picking.  I’m researching local apple picking places in Mass that haven’t gotten too commercial. Last year, it just felt wrong to have to wait in line to park to pick apples, and spend a small fortune.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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