This week in Mass schools, many are celebrating Harvest for Students week.  Local farms are bringing their fresh products to their local school cafeteria.  I wish this was around when I was in school, and I wish it wasn’t just a week long event.  It is, however, a great kick-start for getting schools and local farmers to work together to offer healthy food choices to school children.
   The week is organized by the Farm-to-School Project, an Amherst based organization that helps purchase, serve and showcase locally grown food.  They currently serve 160 public school districts and 40 colleges and private schools.  First it was Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  Now local food is being served in schools.   Are school lunches finally becoming healthy?  And do your kids want it?

This?  …or

How do you make sure your kids are getting a healthy lunch in school?

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  1. gaelikaa says:

    Gosh, school lunches. Our kids in India will never get that service as Indians vary so much in food habits it would be impossible to find a common denominator. But what a possibility!

    We usually give our kids toasted cheese or potato mash sandwiches and some snacks, some sweet and some salty plus a piece of fruit. It works for us.

    Found you on LBS. Have a great day…

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