Our “mail table” is the catch-all in our house.  Despite our best efforts to recycle daily all the junk mail and catalogs, the pile keeps coming back.  The mission to tackle the Paper Clutter in the house in week 2 of Project Simplify was going to be a challenge.  However, I was very motivated to sort through everything since I have been looking at it while nursing my infant for the past six weeks.

Our Mail Table Before
I realized that our mail “box” is not working well.  Now is the time to set-up our home management binder.  While sorting out the clutter, I was able to identify the key categories that pile up.  They include receipts, inspiration tears from magazines, coupons and more.  I found Mandi’s VLOG from Organizing Your Way very helpful to explain how she tackles her magazine pile as I find mine can turn into a mountain very quickly.
There was a lot of little clutter hot spots that I tried to deal with this week as well…
Wallet Clutter~ all cleaned out now
I also sorted through some kitchen clutter that includes many recipes printed from the blogs I read.  My mission is to do a better job of keeping track of recipes that I make and enjoy so I can make them again.  Maybe I need a rating system to decide if something should make the recipe box!
Here’s a shot of the sorting in progress. I wrote down all the things I need to action on Monday.
Lastly, here’s an After shot of the mail clutter.  I’m much happier with it until I can get a new system in place.  I’m looking forward to checking into more links to get some good ideas.
Can’t wait to see next week’s Hot Spot!  It’s great having a focus for the week.
If anyone has a great mail organizing system leave me a link!

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