I thought this would be easy. I’m always in my kitchen so I figured I would be able to declutter my problem spots throughout the week for Hot Spot #4 in Project Simplify. No such luck. Two cabinets were cleaned out, but I still need to conquer the balance.

The snack cabinet before was not organized well and still had some random candy canes inside. There were also some expired BBQ sauce bottles too. I am making my sauces/marinates from scratch now so I wasn’t surprised to see certain things had expired. The cleaned up cabinet actually has some extra space now.

I loved the suggestion on Simple Mom to stock bulk purchases in glass jars.
Here is a shot of my pantry reusing some glass jars I had on hand.

The next cabinet to attack is the baking one. Since I have started cooking more real food, my ingredients have increased slightly. I need to relook at what should be in this cabinet and what may need a new home. I look forward to reading the other posts to get more organizing ideas.

If you have suggestions for organizing your baking supplies, I’m all ears!

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  1. Colleen says:

    I have the same problem with my baking goods. It is like those bags of flour are designed to destroy any semblance of organization. I think I'm going to take Tsh's suggestion one step further and get some glass jars/clear containers for my baking supplies too.

  2. alexandria says:

    I agree. I got sick of flour falling down off the shelf and exploding on my counter (you would think I'd learn the first time?!) so I went to Ikea and got some cheap glass containers to store flour in.

  3. April says:

    Hello, I just found your blog. I store almost everything in glass jars. I save jars from things that I buy and I wash and reuse them. Everything from baking powder to honey is in clear glass jars. It keeps everything neat and it's easy to see when I am getting low on something. The great part is if you buy in bulk at places like Whole Foods, you can take your empty jar to the check out and they will weigh it for you. Then you put your stuff right into the jar and check out. When you get home you don't even have plastic bags or containers to deal with. I love it! I'll try and post on my blog about it and show a picture, if you would like to see. 🙂

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