This was the last week of Simple Mom’s Project Simplify. The “hot spot” for the week was my choice. I decided to finish dealing with some paper clutter still lingering from week 2.

This was my folder of current paperwork that I needed to keep handy. It hangs out in my kitchen, along with a stack of magazines.

I choose a Carolina Pad binder in the Whimsical Flower print to use as my home management binder. I found it at my local Staples store. Inside I have started tabs for the following:
-menu planning
-childcare info (daycare, babysitter notes)
-YMCA info
-library (checked books list, events calendar)
-coupons (online shopping ones generally)

I made my labels with sticky noes so I can make adjustments if I need to make changes in the next month. The other folder I started contains all of my magazine clippings. There are sections for crafts, holidays, blog articles, and future house ideas.

I hope this will be helpful and I can share more details go forward. I realize that staying on top of things helps me be green. I can create my menu plan with the current circular and not purchase what I don’t need. I can plan entertainment for our family for free without purchasing anything. I also don’t need to turn on the computer to pull up one address or phone number.

Do you have a home management book? What am I missing?

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  1. Ahipara Girl says:

    I loved reading your progress. I have avoided any kind of organising both from feeling overwhelmed and being too darned lazy. I look forward to creating a home organisation system. I really need it. Thanks for your blog and for showing me your efforts. Its really inspiring. I hope you found momentum to keep it going. I've only done one day, this is my second and already I feel lighter and almost excited because I want to enjoy my home but never have really. So good work to you and good work to me, and thank God for Simple Mom website.

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