Hello February. It’s about 20 degrees and with some light snow falling. Yet it still feels like the winter that wasn’t here in New England.

Up this week is an easy weeknight dinner of Campanelle Pasta Salad with Tuna. (Giada DeLaurentiis)
Tuesday is my husband’s favorite chicken nuggets. Easy clean up so we have time to play Carcassonne together.
Wed will be lasagna in the crock pot. I got homemade ricotta from the Boston Food Swap I attended yesterday. This will be a great recipe to use it all up.
Thursday is leftovers as I have “Mom’s Night Out” with friends.
Friday is Basque Fish Soup. Family recipe and I haven’t made it yet this winter.
Sat I plan to try a new recipe from friends, Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin.

What are you cooking this week?

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  1. Katie says:

    Tonight I made a recipe from Cooking Light that we like…it's a mac and cheese that has butternut squash puree in it…mmmm. Can't get Gav to eat it but he doesn't eat anything. My 13YO loves it though. I don't think it's an intentional hide-the-veggies kind of thing but it does pack a little more nutrition that way! Yummy cheeses, too…gruyere, romano, and parm.

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