discounted organic food and natural beauty products

discounted organic food and natural beauty products

While we enjoy a little vacation, this week’s meal planning post shares some tips on how to plan meals ahead when traveling. At the end of the post is a giveaway for you to try shopping the new Thrive Market site. When you get ready for a vacation, you often plan all the snacks for traveling to your destination. But then it stops there. Each day you still need to figure out breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes it’s okay to throw planning out the window for vacation weeks, especially when your travel plans dictate it. Other times you are visiting family and will need to team up to plan some meals, especially when you are bringing five hungry people to visit.

Plan to eat like the locals and grab what’s in season. I know we are all looking forward to fresh Florida oranges this week. If you are in a foreign country, try something new. Encourage your children to try new flavors together. Just have something small packed to avoid meltdowns while on the road. No one needs that on vacation.

Recently I tested out the new Thrive Market, which is a bit like Whole Foods/Costco/Amazon/Instacart all rolled into one. Like Whole Foods, the items available through Thrive Market are already filtered to be organic, sustainable, dye-free and so on. They make shopping easy. It’s a great alternative for people who have to travel a long distance to their closest Whole Foods.

With Thrive Market, I could order a batch of goodies and have them shipped directly to my travel destination. You could do this when traveling to family or even a hotel. It’s not two day shipping like Amazon Prime, so plan ahead. It comes from the West Coast so deliveries are faster to California then say, Boston.

What to buy at Thrive Market

Here’s what goes into my cart…

  • Seventh Generation Diapers and wipes (not as cheap as Amazon, but one of the few places with a great price on just one package.)
  • Arrowhead Mills Organic Popcorn (feeds a crowd)
  • Arrowhead Mills Pancake Mix (make breakfast for your hosts!)
  • Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves (awesome price and it’s so hard to find jam without high fructose corn syrup)
  • Sunscreen (remember to pick a healthy sunscreen)
  • Late July mini cheddar cheese sandwich crackers for the littles

While we are not strict about meal planning while we are away, I still want to make sure the kids are eating lots of fruits and veggies at each meal. Having some quality snacks while traveling to our next adventure is better than them filling up on something we find at an amusement park.

Curious about ordering from Thrive Market? Just think, healthy food delivered to your doorstep. They have been so kind to offer one of my readers $50 to test them out. Maybe eating healthier foods is one of your goals this year? Thrive Market makes it a little easier for you to achieve your goal. Going on a trip? Test out the idea of sending some of your needs ahead to your travel destination.

Please let a comment below and share where you would want to travel to this year if you had all the money in the world. A random winner will be chosen when the giveaway ends on February 9th, at 12:01am. I will announce the winner in next week’s meal plan. US residents only.

Note: Thrive Market provided me with a complimentary membership. You do not need to purchase a membership to order as they offer a 30 day free trial to test it out. If you get hooked, it’s $5/month.


Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

For more inspiration, see three years of past menus here, my Pinterest board here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of meal plans.

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  1. Jodi Rooney says:

    With all the money in the world, I would take the family to New Zealand and explore both islands thoroughly. Maybe a side trip to Australia too. Both are beautiful countries with so much outdoor living to be experienced.

  2. Jessica V says:

    I would want to go to Great Britain if money was no object. I have wanted to go since 3rd grade and I’ve never had the chance.

  3. Christina M. says:

    I would rent a tiny island somewhere tropical for 10 days. A personal chef and a certified massage therapist would be on site.

  4. Pilar says:

    I’m excited to explore Thrive! We’re always on the lookout for dye-free, organic snacks and supplies, so thanks for spreading the word. And if we could go anywhere, I think we’d plan one of those whirlwind trips around the world. My kids are endlessly curious travelhounds like me, and it would be truly amazing.

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