Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting SkillsWhen was the last time you read a published book that was handwritten? Maybe never. In Make your Place by Raleigh Briggs, she handwrites and illustrates how to simply take care of your home, your body, and your ailments. Here’s a quote to give you a little flavor of the book,

“For both of these cleaners, just spray on and wipe off. But don’t use paper towels! They’re wasteful and they suck. Wipe off the cleaner with a lint free cloth or crumpled newspapers instead.”

One of my resolutions for this year is to try and make more of my own cleaners for the home. In this tiny little book, there are 21 easy recipes for DIY cleaners. My favorite is the wood cleaner as I haven’t found a great product in the marketplace to replace my old stand by Pledge.

The beginning of this book is devoted to homemade remedies for everything from burns to headaches. Many I was aware of like aloe vera treatments, but other’s like the cold & flu tea sounded promising to help get through these last weeks of winter. Other poultice treatments seemed a little too elaborate for my needs, but interesting none the less to learn what herbs do what.

I got this book out from the library, but I think I may splurge and get a copy to keep on hand. The little illustrations that Briggs has throughout each chapter keep this book feeling whimsical and light hearted, which still offering easy DIY recipes and more. Enjoy!
Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills
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