Scary things are happening in the political food world.  GMO seed giant Monsanto is close to approval of
GMO alfalfa. Approving GMO alfalfa will potentially destroy the integrity of and access to organic food, as well as the livelihoods of organic farmers.

The approval of GMO alfalfa is only days away and the Obama administration needs to hear from you and all of your friends who care about organics. It is outrageous to risk the contamination of the organic dairy industry simply for Monsanto’s corporate profits. Sadly, Whole Foods Market and Stonyfield Farm products will even be affected by this radical change.

Please take a moment to let our government know that you care about organic integrity by following this link from Food Democracy Now!  Then please pass this on.

Every voice counts!
Read more in this article by Marie Rodale, Michael Pollan and the Organic Community: 

Please share these links with your friends, other parents and anyone else that cares about keeping chemicals and genetically modified foods out of our lives.

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