I love presents, and surprises.  Especially from my husband.  But what makes me really happy is just having time to relax with my family.  Getting outside for a long walk into town, stopping for ice cream, and then enjoying some play time in the grass is a perfect afternoon for me.

This Mother’s Day, think about what you can give her beside more stuff.  Does your mom need help with her to-do list?  Can you help get the spring gardening projects off the ground?  Step back and don’t fall into the flowers for Mother’s Day fall-back gift.

For some great alternative ideas, check out The Daily Green’s article 10 Waste-Free (and Free) Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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  1. jewelknits says:

    Although my mom has now passed, I used to try to figure out what she "really" needed and quite often, it wasn't more "stuff". Two of my daughters are now grownups with their own children, and they still call every day (sometimes more than once) and stop by to visit (and expect me to make dinner, of course!). Honestly, though, I'm blessed to have children that still want to be around me – I'll never be lonely!

    Following you from MBC!

  2. Jennie says:

    I know I'm several weeks late on Mother's Day, but my mom told me to "wait" until we were going to be together the first week of June. I am a huge fan of the idea to give time or an experience. Hardly any of us need more stuff. This is a great blog and I look forward to catching up on your posts!

    And here's to being lucky #100! I found you on MBC.

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