Ok, so the photo on the left is from Project Simplify last year.  I realized that I only really cleaned-up last year instead of decluttering and organizing. (and that my photo editing skills have improved.)  We had the same issues this year when I took a hard look at what was happening with the toy zones.
  • Kitchen food is always everywhere
  • Books are always getting pulled out and not easily put away
  • Puzzle storage continues to be a challenge

So I think we figured out #1 and #2 and #3, puzzle storage, is something I hope I will find in other’s links in Project Simplify.

Playroom Storage Pails

I am really excited about the paint bucket storage.  I found them for about $10 at our local Lowe’s.  I used chalkboard contact paper and a wet erase chalk market found on Amazon.

I traced the original label from the paint bucket onto the contact paper, it was clearly the perfect size oval for the bucket.  Then I used the chalk marker instead of regular chalk so it would be more vibrant.  It’s also washable so I can relabel the bins as the kids’ taste changes.

With all of the kitchen food inside, the bin is fairly heavy so it’s staying on the low shelf.  I really like the look of the bins and if it’s working after a month, I’ll be getting more to fill the shelves.

Playroom Organization

The baby toys got packed up and moved to the attic.  We sorted toys into like items and tossed a few broken containers.  Toys got new batteries and a head got glued on.  I have to say it feels refreshing to see everything be so usable now.

The book issue was resolved by using empty space under our TV in the basement.  My collection of childhood favorites was getting destroyed, including the loss of covers of Make Way for Ducklings and Are You My Mother?  They are now tucked away in the back, and flanked by Golden Books and Dr. Suess learn to read books.  Plus a very loud train…

The other project that seemed fitting this week was dealing with the artwork from school.  I had a file of favorites from the past year that needed a home.

I photographed each piece on a white fabric background and have them saved on the computer.  My plan is to make a photo book to save the memory of the favorite masterpieces.  Hopefully then I can let them go, except for anything with a hand-print.  Those I will keep.  Forever.

Got a decluttering suggestion?  Share it in the comments or get inspiration from the Simple Mom collection of posts. Next up is the kitchen and/or pantry!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    puzzle storage is easy for me–2 gallon ziplock bags keep puzzles and thier pieces together and makes it easy for them to stack like books. Good luck.

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