We recently traveled to Florida from Boston with our two kids, one at 9 months and the other at 2.9 years.  Getting organized to get through the airport and the flight took time and some strategic planning.  Here are my tips to help make your trips go a little smoother.

  • Pack plenty of snacks for all age groups.  Even better if they can share the same thing.  We packed lots of the new Plum Organic products, such as the Super Puffs and the Mish Mash squeezies.   The squeeze packets are awesome to spoon out just what you need for a feeding instead of packing heavier glass jars.
  • Buy kid size headphones. They will not deal with the ear buds (been there, done that) and the in flight head phones are too big.  We generally fly Jet Blue to Florida and love having the TVs.  We bought the adorable Panda Bear Headphones which were a huge success this trip.     
  • Pack entertainment into your Ipad/Iphone that is age appropriate.  My daughter is a little too fluent in navigating the Iphone, but we used it to our advantage for the trip.  Her favorite new apps are the Monkey Preschool and the Dinosaur Train.  We also downloaded the Bubbles app, which was great for adults too!
  • Pack empty water bottles for everyone.  Buy the biggest water you can find in the airport to fill them up.  I find that is better than taking the mini plastic bottles during the flight, which are gone in a minute. 
  • I packed a bunch of flannel wipes.  They clean up messes in flight when you may not have a napkin handy. We had laundry available to us on the other end so this was an easy option for us.

Little miss did great on the plane ride.  I think having her own seat made a big difference.  She is enjoying her Jammy Sammy, which is a healthy snack for both travel and after gymnastics class.

Good luck if you are traveling this week.  What are some of your best travel tips?

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Disclosure: I was provided samples of the Plum Organics products to review. This in no way influenced my opinion. 

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  1. Kelly says:

    oh good ideas! I also found that bringing out one activity at a time. coloring…then put it away. cars….then put it away….ipad….then put it away…it helps to stay organized and it helps kids to not get bored and just start revolting….lol.
    we took our 19 month from Pennsylvania to Washington state this past summer and that was a 5 hour trip…I really don't know how you did it with TWO! super woman! have a great christmas!

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are great tips. We would also pack diapers and other soft items like stuffed animals or blankets in a car seat or stroller bag if we were bringing one because these items are free on most airlines. Just don't over pack. Also, check out our gogo Kidz Travelmate. It made our travels easier and happier. An absolute life and sanity saver – the kids were comfy and content in their own car seats. http://dld.bz/a6CZR

    The Plum Organics are great snacks – I eat them too!

    • Emily Roach says:

      Ha! I packed them for the kids to color on, thought it would be a novelty. Like many things in the bag, they were not interested. All they really needed were snacks and the tv on the Jet Blue flight. ~Emily

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