On Monday, I was excited to check Simple Mom’s site to find out where Project Simplify was going to start.  The starting point is our Wardrobe, which is quite a challenge for me at the moment.  My closet is a cluster of pre-baby, maternity, and post-baby clothes.  The project gave me motivation to start attacking the craziness that existed every time I opened the door.

I spent the better part of the week pulling clothes out that I never wore in between pregnancies.  A large number of the items were more formal attire that wasn’t needed since my office switched to business casual.  I was able to gather two garbage bags full of clothes to be donated to our local Community Council.  The proceeds will help to feed local families in need.  I also collected all of the annoying wire hangers from the dry cleaners to return to them to recycle.

I also pulled together a large section in my closet of clothes to bring to a local consignment shop.  I have an appointment next week so there’s no turning back now.

  “clothes for consignment shop”
This challenge gave me a change to shop in my closet, as I found things I forgot I had.  I also used this opportunity to practice what I preach and repurpose other items.  My multiple pant hanger became a scarf hanger, which all get much more use than my formal hanging pants.
“new use for a pant hanger”
I’m excited about the progress I made this week, and looking forward to getting some containers to further organize my closet.  Now that I have cleared out the excess, I know exactly what containers are needed.
“After shot~ more to come”
There is only so much that can be done when you are home on maternity leave and have a very hunger 5 week old.  He is the priority, so I don’t fault myself for not completing the task to my usual standard.  Who can’t resist snuggling on the couch with this little guy?!
Can’t wait to check out others before/after pictures and also find out next week’s Hot Spot!

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