JJ was a little surprised to see such a big Curious George

Raise your hand if your kids love Curious George. In our house, it was the first TV show we let my daughter watch. It fast became a favorite and we often here, “I want to watch George!” Now, JJ is also in love with the little monkey. It really is sweet since my favorite stories (and stuffed monkey) as a child was Curious George.

Did you know Curious George is the #1 show for preschoolers? We were lucky enough to attend a screening of the new Season 7 that starts on PBS on Monday, Dec 3rd. Some of the new shows take place in Australia where Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat get to learn all about the animals down under.

I love this short video about how kids in fact learn from watching Curious George. It’s all about encouraging our kids curiosity, just like their favorite little monkey.  Just remember, when it comes to screen time, moderation is best.  I tend to watch George with my kids and then talk about the lessons he learns in real life situations.  The compost episode is one of my personal favorites, but it was a counting buildings example that helped teach my daughter how to count spaces on a board game.

Check your local listings for show times on PBS.  Find more Curious George adventures at the PBSKids website.

Thank you to 360PR, WGBH and Stride Rite Shoes for a wonderful event! All opinions shared here are my own, and my kids!