One of my favorite purchases from Amazon has been my Ceramic Compost container for my kitchen.  Food waste makes up a large part of everyone’s weekly trash and composting is an easy way to reduce the waste.  I can fill my compost almost every 2 days with food scraps, including egg shells, daily coffee grinds and filter, and peels from bananas and more.

Many towns offer free or discounted compost bins for outside the house.
When your kitchen counter compost is full, empty it into the larger compost bin. Bins come in all sizes so you can find the one that best suits your available outdoor space.

For a list of all the items that can be composted, and guidelines on turning and using the soil generated by the waste, please visit:

And don’t forget the charcoal filters for the compost bin in the kitchen.  They are a must!  Plan on changing them every other month.  I have also washed mine out and dried fully to remove mold build-up after disposing a large amount of moldy strawberries!  Norpro Inc. Compost Keeper Replacement Filters