25 Earth Day activities outdoors

Free Outdoor Activities for Kids RandomRecycling.com

Happy Earth Day 2013! While I believe Earth Day should be everyday, I do like being able to highlight easy ways to bring a little more green into your life. Getting kids outside to appreciate nature will make them good stewards of the Earth as they grow up. If they don’t get out and experience nature, they won’t be that motivated to help protect it.

25 Earth Day activities outdoors

Here’s my list of 25 Free Outdoor Activities for Kids, all battery-free!

  1. Bring an easel outside to paint or color on
  2. Bubbles
  3. Chalk drawings
  4. Backyard baseball
  5. Soccer practice
  6. Enjoy a picnic lunch
  7. Swing set time
  8. Create an obstacle course
  9. Bug hunting
  10. Bird watching
  11. Identify plants and flowers
  12. Plant seeds
  13. Nature walk
  14. Wagon ride
  15. Neighborhood bike ride
  16. Sandbox castles
  17. Squirt bottle water drawings
  18. Bring musical instruments outside for a jam session
  19. Collect rocks to paint
  20. Hopscotch
  21. Take the dolls for a walk in their stroller or grocery cart
  22. Visit a duck pond
  23. Paint fences or walls with water
  24. Go puddle jumping when the opportunity arises
  25. Lay on a towel and look at the starts together

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Which is your favorite activity to do with your kids? Anything else to add to the list?

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6 replies
  1. Melissa@Home on Deranged says:

    We’ve done a lot of these, although our babies aren’t quite big enough yet for some. But I can hardly wait until we can have an outside musical jam session. I think that would be totally awesome. And I hadn’t thought of #25 for some reason. I’ll put that on the list!
    Stopping by from the Tuesday Baby Link Up!

    • Emily Roach says:

      Thanks Melissa! I like taking some of the noise out of the house, at least for a little while. ~Emily

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