What I'm into: February 2016

What I'm into: February 2016

Today is a bonus day. One extra day we don’t see for another four years. I thought I would use this day to share what inspired me, delighted me and encouraged me this past month. Spring is around the corner and I’m excited to flip the calendar page tomorrow.

What inspired you this month?


  1. What started as a fun Instagram idea for #waterwednesday has turned into a fun beverage to fill the gap between coffee and wine.

IMG_34352. Trying to learn a new skill is hard, but worth it. I decided to sign up for the Modern Calligraphy Summit this month. I have enjoyed seeing people create wonderful businesses through the gift of lettering. Call me curious so I’m giving lettering a whirl. It’s a lot harder than it looks…


3. The bullet journal is working for me. My way. It’s not the real way, but it’s a tidy place for me to categorize all the random information I learn from magazines, blogs, conversations with friends and such. (I use the Kate Spade spiral notebook.)


4. At Mine is like Pinterest of old…pretty pictures without screaming headlines. Take a peek if you like to look at pretty interior design pictures. It’s also another way to shop directly from a picture.



5. Aqua is my happy color. I cleaned out my Martha Stewart office supplies and when I get a glimpse of this color it remind me of summer. I did the same thing under my kitchen sink with fun baskets. Who knew throwing out the trash could spark joy? (image source)

To round out what I’m into this month:

Reading: Station Eleven and listening to Daring Greatly

Listening: Finally switched to Spotify since Pandora doesn’t work in Canado (boo!). Love the Peace playlist when the kids are rowdy. Also loving the What Should I Read Next Podcast.

Watching: Billions. Great show so far. Also loved the movie Burnt.

See what’s inspiring others over at Leigh Kramer this week.

Ready for March?

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  1. Victoria says:

    I had no idea that Pandora doesn’t work in Canada! I wonder what other countries it doesn’t work in…..:)

    Aqua is a beautiful color!!!! It’s especially appealing during a long dreary winter!

    I’ve been bullet journaling for a few years now and it’s amazing!!!! I used to have little pieces of paper everywhere and now I have ONE place to jot things down and they are sooo easy to find! You’ll love it!

    Calligraphy is making a huge comeback! Do you have any favorite tools or tutorials?

    • Emily Roach says:

      Hi Victoria, the lack of Pandora was so frustrating when we moved here. It’s minor but I do miss my favorite stations I had cultivated over the years.
      For Calligraphy, I took a class with Plume Calligraphy in Toronto, and now I’m doing the Modern Calligraphy Summit with a large number of teachers. It’s fun to see such a variety of calligraphy styles and I’m still working my way through all the tutorials. Laura Hooper is the beginner teacher and it’s the classic calligraphy style you would think of for invitations and such. ~Emily

  2. Deb says:

    Love the color aqua- also the greenish shade of it…what is that called: sea foam?
    I am in the process of having a new kitchen workstation made, and I can not wait to get organized!!!

    Any favorite, easy, kid loving crock pot recipes that you have liked lately?

    • Emily Roach says:

      Ohhh…a kitchen workstation. How fun! We created one in our new kitchen here and it’s a well used spot for everything in transit.
      For crock pot recipes, our go-to is still Salsa chicken which they can use either in tacos or quesadillas (it’s just a jar of salsa and chicken breast on low for 5 hours, then the juice of one lime after it’s shredded.) Short ribs are always a win and pork tenderloin with honey is another favorite.

  3. Bia says:

    I am thinking of enrolling in the Summit but it comes with a huge price tag. Since you took it do you think it is worth the money?

    • Emily Roach says:

      It wasn’t a great fit for me. It’s well done but I realized I like a different style of learning than via video.

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