How to save your favorite pair of jeans!

How to save your favorite pair of jeans!

Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans wear out in the knees way too fast? A tear from your boot heels? Turns out there is a place to get your jeans fixed, kind of like a denim hospital. I first read about Denim Therapy in a Real Simple article about organizing your closet. You send away your jeans, they give you an estimate, then you decide if you want to have them fixed.

As I cleaned out my closet of maternity clothes and in-between baby clothes, I found one of my favorite jeans (Gap Curvy) with a split open knee. Distressed jeans can be cool, but this isn’t quite the look. In January I started the process online, printed out the instructions and sent it off to New York. (If you are in NYC, you can just drop them off!)

Repair your favorite jeans with Denim Therapy

While at Disney World, I got the email with an estimate to fix my small hole. It was $12.00 to make the repair. I said yes and they got to work. I waited a few weeks and then wondered where my jeans were. I sent an email off and they called me back within the hour to say the jeans were done, but had accidentally been put in the “pick-up” section. They fixed the problem, since I paid for shipping, and they arrived on my doorstep the next morning. Kudos for fast customer service.

The shipping cost was more than fixing it, $7 there and $12 back. Clearly a more economical choice if you are in NYC, but still a great option if you are looking to fix an expensive pair of jeans. I’m kicking myself that I donated my favorite Citizens of Humanity jeans before I knew about this service. I would have happily paid $31.00 to hang on to those jeans for another year or two.

Fix your favorite jeans with Denim Therapy

So how does the repair look? I say pretty good. The thread matching is good, with just a little discoloration around it where the fabric first started to show some wear and tear. When they are on, you can hardly see the difference. I have washed and dried it and the repair is still strong and flat. Would I send another pair in? Yes, as it’s a great way to maintain the clothes your already own and save you some pennies (and time) shopping for a new pair. It’s great to get your already broken in jeans back into the wardrobe rotation.

Got a favorite pair to fix? Send your jeans to the denim doctors over at Denim Therapy and let them work some magic.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I found them on my own. I did discover that they have an affiliate link to earn “denim dollars” but I’m hoping I don’t have to use them anytime soon!