8 Ways to Make Stitch Fix Work Better for You

8 Ways to Make Stitch Fix Work Better for You

Over the past year, Stitch Fix has become part of the busy woman’s vocabulary. No time to shop? Stitch Fix will do it for you. Looking to update your wardrobe post baby? Stitch Fix can do that too. Yet despite how amazing the program is, many women are still struggling to make it work for them. When I’m wearing a fun novelty sweater, my friends will now say, “That’s a Stitch Fix isn’t it? Why don’t I get stuff like that?” Everyone loves the idea of it, but some need to guidance of how to work for them.

Stitch Fix has given me a closet I love. I walk in and it takes me very little time to get dressed. I have options for dressier gatherings, but also chic everyday clothes. I truly enjoy each piece I have decided to keep and they bring me joy. (yes, I have read this book, and now reading her second.)

Today I’m going to share some tips on how to make Stitch Fix work better for you. It’s still a fairly new company so things continue to be updated and allow for more communication with the stylists. There are lots of different places where you can make your opinions known, loud and clear.

Take the time to fully update your StitchFix Profile to make it work for you.

Take some time to fill out your Style Profile, but remember to come back to it occasionally to see if it still makes sense.


1. Style Profile: spend some time filling this out. I think it should take no less than 10 minutes to fill it out for the first time. This is where you fill out the info for your size, style preference (based on image collages) and needs.

2. Style Profile: for returning customers, continue to go back into your Profile. New questions get added by the company, including ones regarding Petite sizing and are you are Pregnant.

3. If you really want more clothes to choose from, select the jewelry from the list of items you do not want them to send you. I have never received any bracelets/earrings/necklaces and instead get a lot more clothing items to choose from. (my accessory exceptions are handbags and scarves)

The note to Stylist is the best place to give specific feedback for your next StitchFix box.

4. Note for your Stylist. This is a fun place to be specific about what you want to see in your next Fix. You can always get to this by signing in to your account if you have a fix scheduled. Go to your Home tab and enter details of what you need in the note. This is the place to remind the stylist that you don’t want sleeveless, have a long torso, looking for cardigans, hate cardigans, etc. I am specific here about what is appropriate seasonally. Living in the Boston area and still looking at snow, I don’t need anything too summery yet. I share that I need transitional items that lend themselves to layering. Living down South, you may be ready for sleeveless tops and cute dresses.

Create a Pinterest board to help your StitchFix stylist

5. Creating a Pinterest board to help guide your Stylist. I had one started long before Stitch Fix arrived at my doorstep and had hundreds of pins to help share my style with my stylist. (Thank you Michelle!) Start your own and see what outfits make you smile. You can search Pinterest for ideas, head to the women’s fashion section, or pin directly from J. Crew or other shopping site. You can follow my Pinterest board below and scroll through to take a peek at what I’m saving to share with my stylist.


Use the StitchFix checkout area to give specific feedback about your box.

6. When you checkout your box, be very specific in the feedback. This is your chance to say if you have a long torso and need longer length tops. Same for bottoms. Got something you really didn’t like? Tell them what it is? The shape, the print, the feel of the fabric, the color, the length? There are so many things that make a piece of clothing work for someone, but it may not work for you. Let your stylist know.

7. Share Stitch Fix with your friends and if they purchase a box, you get $25 in free clothes. Lovely, right. This is my affiliate link and I have been able to get a few credits to help update my closet the past 18 months of using Stitch Fix. It’s no cost to you either and is easy to share online with friends and family once you have a profile.

8. Stick with the same stylist once you find one that gets your style. I’ve had the same one for 7 of my 10 fixes. She knows I’m partial to navy and green and novelty printed tops. Is it always 100% keep? No, but I’ve had at least 4 100% keep boxes, which is great because you get an additional 25% off. I have friends that will keep item #5 and then barter with friends to trade! This may not always be accommodated, but it’s great when you find a match.

Declutter your closet with Stitch Fix

Are you ready to streamline your closet so you only see items you love? Head here.

Stitch Fix has been great for this busy mom. Not only do I save time by not having to shop around for clothes, but I can try them on at home and then drop anything I don’t want to keep on my doorstep for the mailman to return. So easy. I also recommend keeping the styling cards that come with each item. Over time, it is helpful to go back and relook at how an item can be repurposed for different occasions.

Head over to Stitch Fix and schedule your box today! This month I coordinated my delivery with a friend so we can trade items if something doesn’t work for us. It’s a Stitch Fix Swap!

p.s. Have you seen my favorite picks for fun Fall Fashion? Head over here to check it out. And now the Winter Survival Guide is live too!

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  1. Divina says:

    Everyone raves about Stitch Fix and I cannot believe how much research they do for you before picking out the items. These pieces are so cute!

  2. Lori Popkewitz Alper says:

    I’ve been hearing so much about Stitch Fix, but have never tried it. There’s something about touching and feeling the clothing before purchasing that still works for me. But what an incredible concept. I’m glad to hear it’s working for so many.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Thank you so much for this helpful post. I received my first Stitchfix box this week. I kept 2 items and sent the rest back. After reading your post I updated the note to my stylist for next time to better describe what I need for next month. Thank you!!

    • Emily Roach says:

      I hope your next Fix is even more successful. I just got lucky #13 and it was another 100% KEEP!!

  4. Lori M. says:

    Thanks for the helpful tips. I tried a few boxes and didn’t feel they were capturing my taste, so I will focus on adding to my Pinterest board. How do you keep a stylist once you find one that you like? Is there a spot to request them? Mine has been different each time.

    • Anneke says:

      Lori – I wasn’t sure if you found the answer to your reply yet…I am a Stitch Fix stylist and all you have to do is request the stylist by name in your profile notes. You can also send new requests for each Fix and updating your Pinterest board is super helpful for your stylist. I hope you’re having a more positive experience!

    • Anneke says:

      In your profile, you can logon and there is a place to add the URL to your Pinterest board. Make sure you just add the link that is specific to your “style” board. Hope that helps!

  5. Martha Phillips says:

    I’m waiting on my 3rd stitch fix, I should get it later this week. My second box was horrible, but I have to say that they were so very helpful when I sent an email. I think I received a response in less than an hour, and it was a personal email, not an automated one. They gave me ideas to improve my profile, and credited my styling fee to my next fix in order to give them another chance.
    My question is, how do you know who your stylist is and how to keep one that you like?


    • CC says:

      The card in my Fix box had a “note” from the stylist, & her name was at the end of it. & you can request a stylist by name in your profile (where you can comment)

  6. Gail Pellicone says:

    Thank you for this information! I just got my first Stitch Fix box and wasn’t thrilled with what I received, but I am going to keep trying! You mentioned in your article that you should keep a stylist once you find one that gets your style – how do I request a stylist? Will I get a different one each time until I request one? Thanks so much for your time & help!

    • Emily Roach says:

      Thanks for your note Gail. I believe you can request a different stylist than your last one when you enter info in the notes section for your next fix. I find that my stylist always referenced that box of info the most. I also put there what clothes would be seasonable appropriate for my area. (I didn’t want sleeveless tops in March in Boston!)

  7. Larry says:

    My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different page and thought I might as well check things
    out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look
    forward to looking at your web page repeatedly.

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