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Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli

Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli

Who likes the simplicity of a one-pan meal? I certainly do on a busy weeknight. Fewer dishes and more time to relax before gathering around the table. This new recipe for our Sheet Pan Peanut Chicken and Broccoli could not be easier, or delicious.

Best Meal Planning Cookbooks

Do you have a meal planning system that works? Try a meal planning cookbook. These new workbook-style cookbooks are helpful tools to make your meal plans easier.
Kids in the Kitchen helping frost cupcakes
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How to Encourage Kids in the Kitchen

Learn how to making cooking with kids in the kitchen more fun every day. Engage their senses, teaching them how to chop, and make them meal planners.
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4th of July Meal Plan

Simple 4th of July meal plan to help make entertaining fun for the holiday weekend. Enjoy healthy, seasonal favorites for your Fourth of July party.
How to simplify meal planning

How to simplify meal planning

Everyone can use help learning how to simplify meal planning. These are five tips to make meal planning and meal prep simple and easy for any family.
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At Home Wellness Resources

At home wellness has taken on new meaning this week. Yet it's so important for us to take care of our health, and the health of those around us. I pulled together a list of at-home wellness resources to help you keep your body, and your…
Thanksgiving Meal Plan Ideas
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Our Thanksgiving Meal Plan

As I write out our Thanksgiving Meal Plan, I thought I would share it here too, along with some recipe links.  We tend to host a larger gathering, this year will be have 20 guests for dinner, and 26 for dessert. We always try to incorporate lots of local produce, farm fresh turkeys, and delicious flavors. 
KETO diet tips asparagus emily roach wellness low carb

5 Tips for a Successful Keto Diet

If you are curious about low carb eating, then these keto diet tips are for you. There's no other nutrition trend that's more talked about than the keto diet this year. You may hear it called the ketogenic diet, or just keto diet, for short. I'll explain what it is, and how to make transitioning to a keto lifestyle successful.
Fall Recipe bundle meal planning help
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Who is excited for the new Fall Recipe Bundle?! Enjoy the flavors of fall with all things pumpkin, maple, and locally grown produce. All recipes are both gluten and dairy free, and developed with nutritious, wholesome ingredients.
Healthy Super Bowl party recipe ideas for gluten-free dairy-free guests.
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Our favorite healthy Super Bowl recipes (gluten-free, Paleo)

As the excitement grows for Super Bowl Sunday, it's time to plan out your healthy Super Bowl recipes. Now, I hear what you are saying. Is there such a thing as "healthy"Super Bowl recipes? You bet. Today I'm sharing with you some fun…
Just add Cooking Meal Delivery Service Review Boston area meal delivery
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Tips to choose a meal delivery service.

Ever since we moved back to the US, I've been blown away by how many meal delivery service options are available in our area. Not only are there national brands, but also many smaller, niche meal delivery service choices. As an avid cook, I…


*This program is not currently available. Please check out my Culinary Nutrition Bootcamp for the newest coaching program available.  This is the gluten and dairy free real food reset your body didn't know it needed. They say it takes…
whole30 fast and easy recipes for your next challenge. Doing your first Whole30_ Start here.

Whole30 Fast and Easy Meal Plan

In light of the newest Whole30 cookbook, I thought I would share a Whole30 Fast and Easy Meal Plan for you. You may be thinking about next month and starting a Whole30. Here's your chance to get see how fast and easy some Whole30 recipes…

A Review of Farmers to You

In the name of efficiency, I have been trying out a variety of grocery delivery services over the past couple of months. This past week I had the opportunity to try Farmers to You, a co-op of Vermont farms that will deliver in my area. Farm…

Fall Vegan Meal Plan

Over the past few years I have gotten many emails asking for more vegan recipes in my meal plans. This fall I created on full vegan meal plan highlighting the best of autumn's bounty. Pumpkins, root veggies, fall greens and more take the…
roasted sweet potatoes brussel sprout autumn paleo meal

Autumn Paleo Meal Plan

Time to celebrate the beginning of Fall with an Autumn Paleo Meal Plan. I'm so ready for all things pumpkin, plaid, and warm. There's plenty of fresh goodness at the farmer's markets so indulge in the end of summer treasures like tomatoes, peaches,…
back to school meal plan with quick and easy recipes fb

Back to School Meal Plan

Hello back to school season! It's time for a new meal plan that will help you save time, plan ahead, and make lunch packing a breeze. Well, that's the goal anyways. Life tends to get in the way of our grand plans sometimes. Those early mornings…


Every year I like to find a delicious summer recipe I can make over and over as new guests arrive at the beach. I learn how to make it without recipe cards or books. This keeps things simple in the kitchen during the summer months. After a day…
Autoimmune Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan

Autoimmune Meal Plan with Anti-inflammatory recipes

I spent the better part of this past fall learning about culinary nutrition, and I focused on creating an autoimmune meal plan for women with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The strategies I included in those meal plans are applicable to anyone dealing…
allergy-seaon-meal-plan-cleansing detox salad
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Allergy Season Meal Plan: Low Histamine Diet

Can a low histamine diet help your seasonal allergies? Do your allergies flare up in the spring? Below is an allergy season meal plan, which follows the protocol of a low histamine diet.

Gluten Free Meal Plan: Spring Edition

This week's menu theme is a spring gluten free meal plan. I hear from many readers their questions about adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, and what does that mean? What will they eat? I hope the recipes in this week's gluten free meal plan help…