Healthy Homemade Granola via

Healthy Homemade Granola via

We have been making this nutty granola recipe every week for well over a year now. The kids love making it with me and it’s fun to tweak it with different dried fruits and nuts throughout the year. Below is our standard recipe but feel feel to just add in the nuts and dried fruits you have on hand. The honey is the key ingredient as it helps the granola maintain it’s crunchiness.

Photo by Tara Bellucci

Enjoy a little sweet granola with homemade yogurt and you will start the day off on a happy foot.  Once you get the basics down, you can tweak it a bit to your taste.  A little less sweet or a little more nutty, you can alter the recipe to make it your own.  I tend to use a mix of sweeteners depending on how much I have of each in the house.


I love this recipe and serve it with fresh fruit and yogurt. If you want it less clumpy/sticky, you can swap out the honey for maple syrup. I also buy a lot of ingredients in bulk to keep the cost low. The pecans are pricy, but add a lot of flavor.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great recipe! I swapped out the walnuts (food allergy) and used almonds instead. It was so easy and came out so amazing! This will become a weekly staple!

  2. Yer Cinnamon Girl says:

    I am coming to lurk courtesy of the lady blogger's society tea party! I just started doing this last weekend found a couple of recipes in the FOOD Everyday and Oh My Goodness it was an epiphany! I know what's in it I can make it to suit my tastes I just love it! my favorite combo so far included sesame seeds, and fresh apples!

    • Emily Roach says:

      Hooray! Once they like it, you can also add in other sneaky items like flax or wheat germ. We serve it with our homemade yogurt…think you are ready to make that recipe? ~Emily

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