We have an abundance of lemons in our fridge, but they are naked.  My husband is on a quest to make the perfect limoncello, so our lemons are now naked without their flavorful rind. After making frozen lemon juice cubes with the first batch of naked lemons, I decided to branch out and use these perfectly good lemons for cleaning.  I always read about using lemons as kitchen cleaning helpers, but I usually don’t have leftovers, nor do I want to buy them just for cleaning.  They are expensive, especially after the cold Florida winter. (except at Trader Joe’s, where they were only $.39/each!)
I tested the cleaning power of lemons by experimenting with my greasy microwave.  It needed a good cleaning, so I sliced up one lemon, squeezed the juice into a bowl, added the slices, and covered with water. I microwaved it to the point of boiling, and then let it sit and steam for 5 mins.  It worked quite well.  The top portion of grease did not come off as easily as I would have liked, so I dipped my rag (a square from a favorite pair of sweat pants past their prime) into the lemon juice. Voila, the grease came right off with no extra elbow grease.  Overall, it was a success. The used lemons made their final contribution to cleaning by freshing up the garbage disposal.

I have more lemons to use…what is your favorite way to use lemons to clean?

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