Weekly dinner meal plan

This week’s meal plan focuses on vegetables. As the weather heats up it feels like the right time to make veggies a bigger focus on our plates. Plus it makes it easier to serve the kids a wide range of colors from the rainbow at each meal. They have been getting a little picky lately and the dinners this week are some of their favorites.

On a personal note, we recently shared with friends that we are moving to Canada. Toronto in fact. As we start sorting through our home, I found myself looking through my cookbook collection. There were some old favorites tucked away and I look forward to enjoying some recipes from them again. Which cookbooks are the must haves in your kitchen?

Weekly dinner meal plan

On the menu this week…

Monday: Veggie Fajita Tostada Bowl (recipe from Iowa Girl Eats )

  • Everyone will get the same bowl and maybe this time our four year old will eat avocado slices

Tuesday: Roasted Shrimp with White Beans (recipe from Cooking Light)

  • Serve over a bed of mixed greens
  • Remember to soak the cannellini beans overnight!

Wednesday: Thai Chicken Salad (recipe) from Gimme Some Oven

  • Such a winner topped with a peanut butter dressing. Switch to a seed butter for nut allergy households.

Thursday: Fajita Chicken Kebabs (recipe from Well Plated)

  • This will be a great recipe to use up any of the vegetables we have leftover this week.

Friday: Pizza Night

  • The timing for making your own pizza dough…start making it around 3:30 and then it will be ready after 4:30. Let it rise a little longer for a lighter crust.


Enjoy the week ahead friends. Thanks for stopping by.
Monday meal plan to help organize family dinner

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  1. Divina says:

    Congrats on the big move! I hope you and the family are happy in your new home. Thanks for the recipes with the weather changing and my CSA starting need new recipes.

  2. Andrea says:

    Wow that is a big move! I love Toronto. My oldest is my picky one and he is just starting to turn the corner on trying new foods. I can finally see the light!

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