Weekly dinner meal plan

Happy unofficial first week of summer! The weather around here certainly looks like summer for the week ahead. I tried to add in some fun summer dinners you can make all season long. We spent the weekend at barbeques with family and friends. I think the rest of my days need to be filled with green smoothies to detox from all the extra deliciousness I indulged in this weekend.

Did you notice something a little different around here this week? I updated the Random Recycling site a bit and cleaned it up. You will find I’ve pulled out a lot of the ads as I just didn’t love seeing what I’ve been recently searching for all.the.time. I thought maybe some of you didn’t want to be reminded of them either. What do you think of the new look?

Halibut Fish Taco Recipe

On to the menu plan for the week…

M- BBQ with friends…which is why this is arriving on Tuesday.

T- Morro Bay Fish Tacos. This recipe just looks pretty doesn’t it (image above). And tasty. And just a little healthy which we all need right now.

W- New BBQ Chicken in the crockpot recipe. Going out on a limb and trying this paleo/whole 30 friendly recipe. The sauce is made with dates…so curious to taste the end result.

T- C.O.R.N. (also known as Clean Out Refrigerator Night)

F- Pre 100 mile Best Buddies Bike Ride for Jim. I’m offering moral support and Chicken Piccata and pasta. Plus some lemony green beans on the side.

S- Someone turns 2 on this day. Our littlest guy will get pizza for dinner, his favorite.

S- Birthday gathering for Connor. BBQ to round out the first week of summer to use up lots of our cow still frozen in the deep freezer.

Which recipe is going on your meal plan this week?

Weekly dinner meal plan

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