It’s a long weekend again. Five weeks home, how many more to go? The waiting is the hardest part, isn’t it? It’s like when you are waiting for test results. The waiting is always the hardest part. At least it’s Saturday, and there’s no homeschool today. Everyone’s happy with that on this snowy April morning.

Today’s newsletter is filled with great stories, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a little reading and get lost for a bit.

Recipe of the Week

We may just make these again this week. Everyone deserves more brownies right now, especially when they are this good. Sweet Potato Brownies

Beautiful aqua mug and cozy blanket

Weekend Wellness Reading

Ina’s making me laugh lately on Instagram. Her cocktail IGTV is not to be missed. Read more about her quarantine playbook.

For some, the lockdown hasn’t changed much of their daily life. I loved reading this approach to farm life, as I sit here and dream about adding a chicken coop to our backyard.

We’ve never talked so much about our pantry stash, haven’t we? I love all the pantry meal suggestions, but this is a great place to start to review what’s worthy of being in your pantry stash.

Mental health has been top of mind lately. I can see the impact of all the digital learning on my kids and I’m trying to add more ways for them to blow off steam. This roundup is great for both adults and kids who need to be reminded of ways to calm the chaos in our brains.

‘Cinq à sept’ (happy hour)​ is a way for us to switch gears from teacher to parent/spouse again. These white wine spritzers are the perfect portion for a mojito/Moscow mule treat. Just right for the weekend…or a Tuesday.

Vegan banana bread if you want to do a little stress baking, but have run out of eggs. (and there’s plenty of info on flour substitutions. My quick tip is to blend oats to create oat flour in a pinch.)

This classic sandwich bread didn’t disappoint. I’ll be trying it again with honey instead of sugar and will share what I think on Instagram.

simple sandwich bread

Tonight is date night we’ve decided. We’re treating ourselves to take out after 5 weeks of cooking at home. This mama needs a break. The kids earned the new Trolls movie, and we will enjoy a dinner from our favorite local restaurant and a game or movie. (I’ll be opening up this bottle of French red.) The kids are planning a sleepover together which they haven’t done since the #24hourchallenge. They are calling their night a “play-date.” Everyone needs to mix things up in some small way to keep spirits up.

Happy weekend friend. Be well, be safe.