Creating a Morning Routine for Moms

Morning routines are an amazing way to start your day, but you need to be creative if you are also a mom. Once you are a mom, your mornings are not your own. Yes, you could get up before the sun rises, but this is for all of you who don’t want to get up at 5:00am.

I have kids that still wake me up at night, and my body needs a solid 8.5 hours of sleep at night to feel its best. Getting up at 5:00am to have some alone time sounds glorious, yet not at all practical. For some of you, it’s a great way to carve out some quality self-care time. For others, the last thing you need is to get up in the dark, on a cold morning.

As the queen of practical healthy living, I’ve pulled together what a real morning routine for moms can look like. This is just a blueprint, you need to make it your own.

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Do I have to do my morning routine alone?

This is one of the first questions I want to tackle. One of my kids has always been an early riser, which is why the early morning wake up time has never worked for me. It’s like they have a sixth sense and they know you are awake. Anyone else relate?

I have found that I can start my morning routine after I’ve poured my early bird a bowl of cereal. I may excuse myself to another room and do a meditation session while using headphones. Honestly, sometimes it’s just for 5 minutes.  Otherwise I will sit and read next to him while he eats breakfast. It’s before 7am, and the house is still quiet and refreshing.

Often times morning routines are presented as time alone. That will not always be the case for moms. It’s still helpful to practice a morning routine even with your kids around. I think it’s great for kids to see us taking care of ourselves. If they see our nose in a book instead of there instead of a phone that also sends a great message to them.

Keys to a Morning Routine for Mom

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1. Hydration

Hydration should be the very first part of your morning routine, especially for moms. It’s really “rehydration” as we wake up dehydrated. We will spend the rest of the day taking care of others, make this your very first task to take care of yourself.

Pour a mug of warm water with fresh squeeze lemon. Warm water helps gently wake up your internal organs instead of shopping them with cold water. Consider adding turmeric and Cayenne pepper to help boost circulation and reduce inflammation in the body. All good things to help your liver work at its best. 

Another nutrition upgrade would be drinking bone broth first thing in the morning.  Bone broth has so many health benefits as it supports your digestive system, joint health, and provides collagen for better skin, hair and nails. 

2. Review & Plan Your Day

Review the day ahead in your calendar or planner. Use a daily download sheet to drill down to just the day at hand. I am using a Bullet Journal to keep me on task with the priorities I have for the day. I have a Simplified Planner to glance at my week at hand and keep all the kids’ activities organized.

I hear about women using their phones as an alarm clock. I don’t love that the first thing they often do in the morning is look at their phones. Instead, I recommend a battery operated alarm clock, or a new one that mimics a sunrise. These alarm clocks are great for dark winter mornings!

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3. Meditation

All of the latest science studies say we better make meditating a priority to improve our overall health and wellness. This is actually one of my biggest goals for the year and I’ve tried a variety of different options to see what takes the least amount of effort. (Sitting still is not my strong suit!)

Here are some different types of meditation guides to try:

  • Guided

  • Music

  • Mantra

Or just sit still. I’m a big fan of brain.FM, an app that uses specific music to help you transition into a meditative state faster. I also use this when I am working as there is a set of music to help you focus better. 

Technically we don’t “need” anything for meditation. Just a quiet space and our own breath. Actually, we can even meditate amongst the noise of kids and enjoy some deep belly breathing. Maybe we don’t get into a zen state, but those mindful breathes still help improve our digestion and clarity.

If you want to learn more about the WHY behind meditation, I’m a big fan of Emily Fletcher. Her new book Stress Less, Accomplish More is my recommended reading.

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4. Move Your Body

Exercise and movement can be a great way to start your morning. It doesn’t have to be much if time is tight. Even if you do just a few stretches, it can get your body awake and ready to start the day. Yoga, strength training, or cardio are all options to get the blood flowing to your brain. 

Sometimes it just needs to start with jumping jacks. This is such a low-entry way to kick start an exercise routine. Just start with 10 jumping jacks and take it from there. Others moms love making a run a part of their morning routine. They can get one in before their partner leaves for the day, and breakfast can be organized and laid out in advance.

For me, I’ve really enjoy using the Peloton digital app to give me a quick workout, depending on how much time I have. I never hop on the bike early in the morning, as I don’t like being in a cold basement away from the kids as they wake up. I’m sure that could change, but for now I’m happy with a quick boot camp workout when I can squeeze it in. Or a stretching class. Or a 10 minute yoga class. You get the picture, just do something that fits in whatever size window you currently have to work with.

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5. Writing

Taking the time to journal in the morning is another great way to help you clear the clutter from your brain. Moms often suffer from popcorn brain. We have so much to remember on a regular basis it can help to write everything down like a brain dump. Journaling can also be a way to explore goals and ideas you have for yourself or your family in the morning time can be an opportunity to flush out those ideas before the stress of the day kicks in.

Have you heard of a gratitude journal? This can be a simple, daily practice of writing down something you are grateful for. Some mornings, we may be grateful for children who sleep in. Or maybe that we prepped breakfast ahead of time. You can document it in your favorite notebook, or treat yourself to a special gratitude journal with beautiful quotes. There is something so meaningful about writing down ideas in your own handwriting to help quiet your mind.

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6. Reading

Reading in the morning is a wonderful way to carve out some time for yourself. I am a big fan of personal development books to help us achieve, or develop, our goals for work, home, and family. There is something magical about being reminded about how important a positive mindset is for achieving things in the day ahead. Good energy comes from not only a healthy diet, but also a positive outlook about your life. 

Here’s a list of my current favorites.

I am also really excited about Rachel Hollis’s newest book, Girl Stop Apologizing. It offers more practical advice about achieving those work and creative goals. I’m always looking for realistic tips and strategies keeping me energized to write more content!

7. Shower

Somehow this becomes one of the last things on our list when we become a mom. Often times it can be the best way to start your day because it’s just for you. Getting dressed, doing your hair and makeup, and feeling put together is a great way to practice self-care. It’s doesn’t have to take long and be elaborate. A messy bun and yoga pants are allowed!

The important thing is using that shower time to set some intentions for the day. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to show up for your kids, your partner, your team? Sometimes we need a transition between waking up and jumping right into “mom” mode. Doing something as simple as taking a shower can help you get into a better mental state to start your day.

As I said, I’m making meditation a goal for me this year. What’s working for me is doing it after the kids go to school so the house is quiet. The morning routine for this mom often takes place later in the morning. See, it’s okay if it’s not all done at 5:30am!

I’ve come to enjoy my new routine: drop my kids off, come home and clean the kitchen, put on a load of laundry, and then sit for a meditation before I transition to work mode. I’m intentional with my time, and I know I can be more energetic throughout the morning if I give my body enough sleep, rehydrate, eat well, and then practice self-care in some way each day.

I challenge you to write down a morning routine that makes the most sense for you in the season of life you are in. If you have a newborn, it will look different than having older children. A stay-at-home mom may have a different plan than a work-outside-the home mom, and even a work-at-home mom. Write down what you want to focus on and GO FOR IT. Give it a solid effort for a few weeks and see if you notice a difference.

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Do you have a tip for other moms trying to create a morning routine? What’s a must-have on your list? Leave a note below or join the discussion in the Facebook group. 

7 tips for a healthy morning routine for mom