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I love this idea for Memorial Day. So did a lot of other people when I noticed my pin was repined almost 500 times in one day.  There are so many fun holiday decorating ideas I want to do, but I hesitate sometimes because of my goal to reduce our intake of synthetic food dyes. Check out my earlier post on why it may be important for your family to make the switch.

If you are looking to make the switch to natural food dyes, I found a few options online that look good.

The India Tree Natural Decorating Coloursis a good option for coloring frosting or a batter.

The India Tree All Natural Nature’s Colors Decorating Sugars Variety Setis an investment.  The price we pay for natural ingredients I guess.  The blue should work for making these patriotic strawberries. Maybe lighten it up with a little white sugar.  You can make them for both Memorial Day and 4th of July parties!
Check out more Summer Holiday inspiration on my Pinterest Board! What are you making this weekend?
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  1. April says:

    I have that very same sugar and I bought it because I saw the brand at whole foods and thought it was all natural. What I didn't realize is that India Tree has a "natural sugars" line and then another line that is sold at regular grocery stores. The sparkling sugar I bought from my regular grocer is not the natural line and I was so sad. Now I have several and I didn't realize until it was too late. The Sparkling Sugar uses artificial colorants, you have to get the one that says "natures colors."

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