We put a lot of time and effort in our garden this year and it’s finally paying off.  There are tons of greens to eat, herbs to harvest and the first pepper of the season is ready.  I have had to rethink meal planning so I incorporate as much of of our fresh veggies into each dinner.  Almost every lunch consists of a quick run outside to grab some fresh lettuce for sandwiches.  This morning I chopped fresh chives for our scrambled eggs.  Even with all the different ways to use our fresh herbs, I think we have enough already to dehydrate a batch to save for later.

The farmers market run today was primarily for Father’s Day dinner.  I picked up Beef Tenderloin and a Sirloin Steak from John Crow Farm.  Grass fed beef is so superior to grain fed I’m not sure I can go back.  We also grilled a halibut fillet that was lovely from Globe Fish.  Our strawberries from MacArthur Farm went into a strawberry-rhubarb galette I made this afternoon to celebrate the two favorite Dads in my life.

The temperature is expected to rise this week so I’ve planned lots of grilling for the week ahead…

Monday~ Salmon Burgers. (had to skip them last week in favor of boiled lobsters my Dad gave me.  Who wouldn’t, right?)  We also have corn on the cob to cook up and probably more salad to stay on top of those garden greens.
Tuesday~ Hamburgers.  Possibly thinking zucchini on the grill but will have to make a trip to the store.
Wednesday~ Grilled chicken, homemade salsa with our cilantro, hot pepper and farmers market tomatoes.
Thursday~ CORN or Eggs.  Or we toss all the leftovers into scrambled eggs!
Friday~ Pizza night.  We have used a lot of our fresh basil on pizza lately.  Maybe it will be a pesto pizza night?!
Saturday~ it may be date night so I’ll leave this one open.

Your turn! What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. ahorne says:

    Looks yummy! We've got a garden too, and lately, the cucumbers have been coming out of our ears! It's a blessing and a challenge to use up all the veggies when they start coming in 😉

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