It has been one year since I first started meal planning.  What started on paper initially, moved to my chalkboard cabinet and now exists in cyberspace as a post.  I’ve made it accessible and flexible, two key components that make meal planning work for our family.  The book Plan It, Don’t Panic gave me a bunch of tips to help make meal planning easier, like creating a list of top family favorites. (Think homemade chicken nuggets and the like.)  In the coming year, I may try to add some breakfast and lunch items to the menu plan as well.  Breakfast usually includes my homemade granola, but I would like to add in a little more variety. 
On to this week…my in-laws are visiting from Florida so I had to make some traditional New England favorites.
Sunday~ Beef Stew and Apple Crisp. We went apple picking today and used Jonagold apples.  
Monday~ CORN…too much stuff in the fridge. Time to clean out.
Tuesday~ Meatloaf, Roasted Asparagus and Salad.
Wednesday~ Glazed hoisin salmon, sauteed green beans and some grain/pasta side dish. (update~ only one of two kids ate the salmon. Overall it was yummy with a ginger/hoisin/soy sauce glaze.)
Thursday~ Off to Jazz Fest, kids will get salmon leftovers.

Friday~ Blue Ribbon BBQ. (down to the wire on a living social coupon)

Saturday~ BLOCK PARTY!! We divide up the cooking duties by assigning even numbered houses entrees/appetizers/sides and odd numbered houses the desserts. Funny, my husband suggested “we” do both.  Funny thing is, we probably will do both. What can I say, who doesn’t love a yummy chili in the slow cooker for a party, followed up by some delicious cookie recipe I find on Pinterest.

What is your favorite meal to make when the weather first gets cool?

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