Chicken coop for your backyard? {source}

We have been spoiled by eating farm fresh eggs this summer.  I get them at our local farmers market, or from the poultry farm in town. If you want a fun experiment, crack an egg from your local store in a bowl along with a farm fresh egg.  See the difference in color?!  The farm fresh ones are much richer in color, and taste too.

Here is a fun experience you can try.  Rent a chicken coop!  In our area, Land’s Sake farm offers a two week test drive of owning a chicken coop.   There are a number of farms across the country that are offering you the chance to see if owning a chicken coop is for you.  As more and more small farmers, homesteaders and urban farmers recognize the difference between pasture raised eggs vs those produced in confined chicken coops, raising chickens is suddenly quite popular. (You do need to check with your town so see if they are legal.  In our town, chickens are legal but roosters are not!)

I read The Fresh Egg Cookbookthis summer and had dreams of owning our own chicken coop.  My husband quickly called me crazy.  At least I can still go to the market and make some of the amazing recipes from Jennifer Trainer Thompson’s cookbook. The cookbook is part anecdotal and part recipe collection.  Thompson has had a chicken coop for over 10 years and she shares the stories of how her kids help take care of the chickens.  Overall it seems like minimal tasks, with a really delicious end result.  The book is great for a foodie who appreciates farm fresh eggs.

Our Friday Night Frittata

Do you have chickens at home?  Have dreams of it?

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  1. PragmaticMom says:

    I like the idea of renting a chicken coop so you can give it back if it doesn't work out. Are you going to try it out? Do you need special permitting to have a chick en coop if you live in a suburb?

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