Meal planning ideas for families are not easy to come by – even for the best recipe site searchers and Pinterest fans. The number #1 complaint I hear from readers, and clients, is their challenge with meal planning. They know it’s an important part of achieving their health goals, and also a way to limit their stress at dinner. But they get stuck when it comes to sorting through recipes. There are recipes coming at you online, in magazines, cookbooks, Pinterest, friends, and so on. What if someone could create a healthy meal plan for you?

When my daughter was in daycare, I remember the struggle of rushing to pick her up. How fast can I get her, get home, and get dinner on the table. Those stressful nights became manageable once I started meal planning. I’ve been crafting meal plans here on the blog for nearly five years. Each week I’ve shared my posts and I started to see some trends. There were recipes we kept coming back to because they were family-friendly, easy to prepare, and use real food ingredients. The 4-week healthy meal plan guide was born.


I heard from you the need to simplify. You want healthy recipes, but you don’t want to spend hours trying to find them. This book includes my favorite recipes that I go back to time and time again. These are the recipes that live in my meal planning binder and are stained from pulling them out so often. I went another step an organized all of these recipes into meal plans for you.

Here’s what you get with my digital download Healthy Meal Plan:

*4 weeks of Meal Plans for dinner

*Shopping Lists

*24 Simple Recipes


You can see the recipes are easy to follow, and only use real-food ingredients. I’ve also included substitutions for making meals gluten-free or dairy-free if needed. Plus, there are side dishes suggestions to pair with the main meal. Often times I see meal plans and they include one main dish, or casserole. If you have kids like mine, I often need to cook meals that I can deconstruct. (or just not have anything touching each other!) Deconstructing a meal is a great way to make one thing for everyone and expose kids to a wide range of flavor and color.Keep some veggies raw that they may eat and cook for the rest of the family. Kids may not always eat everything, but overtime you will be surprised when one day they suddenly eat asparagus after swearing it off years ago.





The 24 recipes included are ones that I use for some of my custom meal planning clients. I want everyone to feel more confident in the kitchen and these are simple to follow. These recipes arm you with a plan for the end of the day when you are exhausted. You want to call for takeout because you didn’t plan anything for dinner. Get ahead of the game and use these healthy meal plans instead. The more you eat at home, the more your energy will increase, your sleep can improve, and you are saving money. Know what you are eating and avoid exposing yourself to processed foods and chemical preservatives. It’s the best way to optimize your health.

You should know that the recipes suggestions you gave us are still among our favorites!
-Deborah (former meal planning client)


Ready to grab your copy? The price is $17 and will save you time and money each week.

Use any leftovers for lunch the next day and save yourself time and money by skipping lunch from the local shops. Your healthy meal plan can be printed out and bound at your local Staples. Did you know you can even print to them directly?! Ask for it to be spiral bound so it can lay flat on your kitchen counter.

Let me know how you are using these meal planning ideas for families, and join us in the Facebook group here to share which ones are your new favorite recipes. Enjoy.