Boston’s 2010 Earthfest, sponsored by 92.9 Radio, was a wonderful event.  I took my daughter and met up with a friend and her two kids early on Saturday morning.  We are both interested in organic food and gardening and looked forward to learning something new.  Whole Foods was the primary sponsor of all the “eco” booths.  They were all gathered along the river, and included many vendors that offer their products at Whole Foods.  The local Farmer’s Market community also had a booth with lots of listings for upcoming markets.  (For detailed listing, visit

My two favorite tents were the Whole Food cooking demonstrations and Diaper Lab from Somerville.  The cooking tent offered great treats, including an amazing lobster bisque dip.  I got some great tips on how to mix fresh vegetables with a prepared Mediterranean salad mix for a fresh side dish.  Plus I came home with more reusable grocery totes to replace some of mine that are falling apart.

Diaper Lab‘s tent made the event so much more enjoyable as a parent with a child in diapers.  Not only could I change my child’s diaper in a clean and safe environment, but I got to try some cool eco-wipes.  My friend was also able to nurse in a comfortable space which is so refreshing.  We also signed the petition to get cloth diapers back onto the Ellen show.  Diaper Lab sells not only a variety of cloth diapers, but also helps teach you how to use them.  They are located in Somerville, MA.

Overall, it was a beautiful day and it was great to see a little of the concert on the main stage.  I forgot my phone in the car and I think that helped me slow down and enjoy every minute off strolling through the vendors.  Maybe I’ll make that a new habit over the weekend…

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I had the opportunity to test the latest Baby Magic products to help treat my daughter’s diaper rash.  I have tried a variety of products with a mixed bag of results.  I don’t like how so many diaper rash treatments are not compatible with cloth diapers.  Powder usually works best, but I struggled to find a brand I liked.

Pattycake Powder is a talc-free, dustless powder that worked like a charm.  It comes in a small package, which I give it high marks for in portability and eco-friendliness. The powder is the perfect size for diaper bags.  The idea behind this new product is to use a disposable cotton pad for a single application that provides just the right amount of powder on the little one’s bottom.  No mess, and no dust.

The cotton circles that were provided shed a little if used too soon after the use of a baby wipe.  I switched to my flannel wipes and was much happier with the application of the powder.  When powder wasn’t enough, I used Baby Magic’s Baby Cream made with Organic Shea.  I liked using this with overnight diapers.  Both products washed out fine when I used them with cloth diapers as well.

The Pattycake Powder will be available in CVS stores nationwide beginning in June.  For additional information on where to purchase their products, you can visit the Baby Magic website.

Baby Magic has provided a gift package of the new Dustless Pattycake Powder, Extra Moisturizing Baby Cream, and Diaper Rx, made with 28% Zinc Oxide for the worst of the diaper rashes!  For one lucky reader of Random Recycling, you will win the entire gift package.

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I finally finished planting my container garden for the season.  We don’t have a great place to put veggies in the ground, so I choose to fill our side porch with containers.  This is going to be trial and error to see what works.

I have had success with cherry tomatoes in containers in the past, but everything else is expanding my gardening repertoire.

Here is the list of what I planted…

1. Patio Tomatoes, with Basil tucked in the sides. Cherry tomatoes have their own pots as well.

2. Zucchinni…I just love making this into bread!

3. Lettuce, need some salad mix to go with my tomatoes.  4.  String beans too!

5. Lastly, we planted strawberries in our one spot of lawn my husband let me tear up.  I’m really hopeful that my daughter can help me pick some red juicy strawberries soon.

If you only have a small space for growing vegetables, I think you will find this book helpful:
Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces

Happy Planting!

I made it to the HGTV Green Home tour on Sunday.  It was a spectacular day down the Cape, and we met up with friends for the tour.  It is in the Pinehills development in Plymouth, MA, which prides itself on promoting sustainable living.  Home owners are able to bike to the market, enjoy protected open spaces, and be happy with the water conservation projects. We arrived early and stopped into Cafe Olio and enjoyed a great cup of coffee and then headed off for the 12:00 tour.

The cottage home was smaller than I expected, a mere 2100 sq ft.  The smaller footprint is green itself, and all the square footage was put to good use.  There is a beautiful wrap around porch that has inspired me to look for some rocking chairs for my porch.  The deck is made from a sustainable product (non-wood) that would weather the salty Cape winds for years to come.  The doorway opens into one large great room, where the living room, dining area and kitchen are all open.  The kitchen is my favorite room of the house so that was my first stop.  The energy efficient refridgerator caught my eye, and even my husband’s eye too.  (I’m slowly working on convincing my husband we need to replace the refridgerator with an upside-down version so we stop wasting food we can’t see inside!) The countertop is made from quartz, which is an environmentally friendly option, and more durable, than of granite.  My other favorite kitchen appliances are the induction cooktop and the very small Krups cappucino maker.

My favorite room had to be the utility room.  A room for laundry and a spot for recycling everything!  There is even space to have bins for sporting goods and winter hats and mittens.  The baskets line one wall, a large utility sink anchors the middle space, and the most gorgeous red washer and dryer is on the far wall.  While it is a lot of space to dedicate to a room very few people will see, it will probably become one of the most used rooms in the entire house. 

Upstairs there are two bedrooms and a very tiny loft.  The most creative space has to be the kids room with the built in bunk beds and vibrant colors. My daughter went right for the toy bin and really didn’t want to leave.  But we walked over to check out the master bedroom with the calming blue color scheme and she loved the cool rug in there.  Our favorite part was the master closet, complete with a Solatube that brings natural light into a space with no windows.  The master bath was beautiful, with low flow shower heads and low flow toilets.  The soaking tub was very large, and my daughter attempted to climb in!  Not sure if that is the best use of water, but it’s probably quite relaxing. 

The house is beautiful, but I left feeling a little underwhelmed.  It felt like going through an open house for a house on the market.  Without the brochure, I would not have learned about the solar panels, the Anderson Low-E4 SmartSun windows, or the Rinnai Energy Saver Intelligent Fireplace.  There is so much more information that I expected to learn, but was disappointed that it wasn’t presented.  Yes, the brochure has lots of talking points, but I really wanted to see the basement with the smart girds, the furnace set-up, the solar panel system and so on.  I will take the time to do the research and learn more about the energy saving features of the home, but I wish they were presented more overtly to all the people on the tours.  Maybe some of them are thinking about a new home or a renovation and the tour will give them pause to think there may be a greener option in their future.

If you would like more info about the tours, please visit my post HGTV Green Home Giveaway.

I was really proud of my grocery purchases from Whole Foods last week.  I planned to make white chili in the crock pot so I needed Great Northern Beans.  I have never shopped the bulk food section section of Whole Foods as they have only recently opened near my house.  Now I’m completely hooked for two reasons.  One, I was able to buy exactly the amount I need for the recipe, so no waste.  Second, I put the ingredients in a paper bag, and then recycled the bag, so no waste again!  The prices were very reasonable, and the organic northern beans I choose for the chili tasted fresh and made my first white chili a success.

We also got some granola from the 12 buckets of choices.  I picked one on sale, and it was good. We typically make it ourself, but we went away for Mother’s Day and didn’t get stocked up for the week.  I did use a plastic tub for the granola, but I will probably reuse it for leftovers or it can be recycled. Maybe they’ll let me put the granola in a paper bag…

My journey into bulk buying made me think about other bulk buying opportunities. I am not a member of a Costco or Sam’s, but I do like the idea of buying in bulk to help reduce the amount of packaging/plastic I buy.  Plus, the cost per pound also decreases when buying in bulk.  With only one child, our grocery bills have already started creeping up there.  I’m sure larger families are facing the same challenges.  When asked, most readers are buying bulk diapers, wipes, and snacks.  I agree diaper wipes are a great bulk item, (which I get from Babies R Us) and I only buy refills and keep reusing the original plastic dispenser.  We have to use disposable diapers at daycare, so we could benefit from buying these in bulk too. I’m not sure if the bulk stores will have all the natural and organic products we like, but I’m willing to bet their assortment is growing each quarter.

If I start buying in bulk, I need to increase my storage options.  My new favorites are the Glasslock containers.  I switched to glass once all the BPA issues came to light.  Maybe I can find some cool glass jar with air tight lids at the many yard sales going on this weekend…

For a great post about organic vegan bulk food buying, check out Green & Crunchy’s post. It has given me great idea of items to buy in bulk.

For a basic guideline to bulk buying, visit E-How.

Summer is the time for packing up and heading to the beach, the farmer’s market or a day at the park.  Wherever you need to go, you need a great tote.  If you are out shopping for the afternoon, bring along a larger tote to haul your new purchases.  Going to some early morning yard sales, bring a tote and a pillow case to help you wrap up and transport any delicate items.
Here are some totes on my summer wish list…

1. A Tote with a cause~ Feed Haiti bag is made from 100% organic cotton materials, and by purchasing a bag thru Feed, one bag equals 50 meals for children in Haiti. The cost is only $35.00.

2. Cast away for the day with a recycled sail tote~ I was lucky enough to to spend my weekends in the summer on a sail boat.  I just love this bag that reminds me of sailing with my Dad.  Reiter8 is the seller of a great collection of recycled sail items via Etsy. Visit her shop and buy this tote in her Etsy shop, Reiter8.

3. Grab a tote that you won’t see coming and going at Whole Foods~ The Cambodian market feed bag from Viva Terra is a great alternative to the generic reusable grocery totes. 

4. Keep your purchases cold while coming and going~ I love the print on this tote. This cooler is much more durable than those (ugly) styrofoam containers I still see people bringing to the beach.  This tote is made by Built, and can be purchased from our Green Girl Shop.

Have a favorite tote~ please share!  Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend.


I have been testing out a new product called De Odor Works as an alternative to commercial deodorant/antiperspirant. I’m sure many of you have heard at some point there is some possible link to the aluminum in deodorants and breast cancer.  While I believe that has not been completely proven, I like the idea of using a more natural product.  Plus, so many of the deodorants on the market are not easily recycled. I already keep a small stainless steel bar near my kitchen sink because it’s one of the only things to get rid of the smell of lobster off my hands. I never thought it would work for other body odors…

De Odor Works is a stainless steel bar I used in the shower for 30 seconds under each arm to eliminate odors caused by bacteria. The bar itself is easy to handle, even under the running water.  It’s light weight, but made a racket when I knocked it off its shelf in the shower!  I tested this product for two weeks and I decided I’m going to keep using it.  Here’s why:

1. It really did keep odors away, even after taking a long walk in hot weather.
2. My white shirts didn’t turn yellow, which they always do from regular deodorants.
3. My underarms are smoother now since my pores are no longer blocked from regular deodorant use.
4. In case I forget to put deodorant on in my haste to get out the door in the morning, I’m covered!
5. I have tried the all natural salt deodorants before, but was never happy with the application of it.

One note, this product is not an antiperspirant, not does it claim to be.  When going to a hot yoga class, use some back-up protection!  I just felt a little too “au naturale” after sweating for 90 minutes.

If you are interested in this great product, you can purchase it at Amazon
The bar is $29.95 (plus shipping) and may be the last time you need to purchase a deodorant. The company also offers a refund if you are not happy with your product.  Happy shopping!

Disclosure: De Odor works provided me with a sample for review, however, the opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. No compensation was received for this review.

I love presents, and surprises.  Especially from my husband.  But what makes me really happy is just having time to relax with my family.  Getting outside for a long walk into town, stopping for ice cream, and then enjoying some play time in the grass is a perfect afternoon for me.

This Mother’s Day, think about what you can give her beside more stuff.  Does your mom need help with her to-do list?  Can you help get the spring gardening projects off the ground?  Step back and don’t fall into the flowers for Mother’s Day fall-back gift.

For some great alternative ideas, check out The Daily Green’s article 10 Waste-Free (and Free) Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Read more: The Daily Green

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 9th…

I love this paper journal that can I can plant in my garden when I have filled up the pages with random thoughts.
The cover is embedded with a variety of floral seeds.  The pages of the journal are hand-made from recycled paper. It’s a great cradle-to-cradle item any Mom would be surprised by!

You can order the journal online at Botanical Paperworks
There are 5 designs to choose from and each costs $24.95 plus shipping.
I would pick this one…hint, hint honey.